What is new in BullGuard New Edition 2020?

BullGuard has become one of the most effective antivirus software programs across the world. Due to its effective and outstanding features, it serves its best in providing comprehensive protection to the devices against viruses, malware, and threats.

Now it comes with its new version ‘BullGuard 2020 New Edition’. In this guide, we will discuss some new features of this version through which it fights against advanced threats, viruses and unwanted bugs. If you are new to this software then call on BullGuard Support UK for complete help from the technicians.

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Let’s start its Features and New Edition:

Well, BullGuard antivirus already comes with some outstanding features. But in this 2020 new edition, it is now enhanced with some amazing features for comprehensive and strong protection.

Advanced Machine Learning:

Advanced mathematical algorithms and deep learning methods provide lightning-fast and threat detection for advanced, new and emerging threats. Multiple learning layers of this feature helps to analyze malware properties to check malicious code and then apply the learning to a similar code,
All without any need for virus updates, It ensures that the zero-day threats are nullified and then identified immediately as they appear keeping you safe and secure from the advanced malware type.

Identity Protection:

Keep all your sensitive and personal information from data threats, thieves and cybercriminals. It also safeguards information like phone numbers, email addresses, debit and credit cards, driving license, loyalty cards, passport, ID cards, international bank account and many more.
If any identity protection system detects your data then you receive an email alert that warns you and allows you to take the important protective steps. It also beats back the identity thieves.

Secure Browser:

A custom-built secure browser is ideal to enable a safer and securer to browse the internet and a much safer platform from which you can safely make online payments. The layered protection of this feature keeps you safe from a vast range of well-known and hazardously damaging browser-based attacks. It does not load cookies, extensions or plug-ins yet provides the functionality of a browser you would expect like address bar suggestions, hints, shortcuts and many more. It is how a browser should be.


It helps to deliver heavy-duty security layers to provide you strong and tough protection against threats and malware. It helps to block un-trusted attempts to connect a device to the internet, offers end-to-end protection during and after downloading the application.
Fully optimized for Windows 10, it helps to track security and safety updates ensuring you always have the advanced updates. It is also developed to use less power while processing, so that the installed other applications always run smoothly and speedily. It is like an effective moat guarding your devices and keeps the marauders away.

Next-Gen Anti-Malware:

The next-gen antimalware provide you intelligent triple layer protection. It also helps to identify trusted applications and sites. It continually scans for code linked with any malware which is detected is locked down, neutralized and blocked.

After that, the advanced behavioral detection helps to receive constant daily updates about the advanced malware to detect as well as block threats.

With the help of these outstanding features, the new 2020 edition of BullGuard provides comprehensive protection to your device. You can know more about its installation and subscription by calling at BullGuard Phone Number. The technicians are highly experienced and help to resolve your queries.