An overview of downloading, installing, and reinstalling BullGuard

• 30, August 2021

When it comes to download, install, reinstall, and login into BullGuard antivirus then, you are at the right place as we are going to discuss all of the below-given procedures one by one. BullGuard antivirus installation is possible via the CD/DVDs that are purchased from the online platforms or BullGuard partners.

To enjoy a flawless experience with BullGuard, it is recommended to follow the exact steps to download, install, and set up because a single step might get you stuck after the installation.

An overview of downloading, installing, and reinstalling BullGuard

BullGuard Installer

BullGuard installer can be downloaded from the official website of BullGuard and this installer will help the user to install the most updated or recent version and also save the setup time.

BullGuard Downloading Procedure

After downloading the installation setup file of BullGuard, it is highly suggested to save the file in the familiar location from where you can find it easily for installation procedures like My Downloads, or My Documents. You can also create a new folder to save this file.

Prior to installation, it would be great to uninstall third-party software or windows defender because it will resist the installation procedure. Along with this, it is recommended not to download the setup file from an unknown source or from any other device. Always prefer to conduct the BullGuard download procedure from the official website.

Installation of BullGuard on PC

• Firstly open the BullGuard downloaded file and then, you will see a welcome greeting window on the screen
• You will be then redirected to the End User License Agreement page, read the condition thoroughly and then, tap on Agree
• After that, you should click on the Install option to move ahead
• You will see a fresh window that has a progress bar on the screen. Wait for the BullGuard installation procedure and don’t close the window unless it is in progress
• A new registration window will automatically appear when the installation will complete

You should register for a trial or log in by the previous trial account or paid account

Create Account: If in case you don’t have an account on BullGuard then, you have to create a new account which will make the subscription procedure more simple and easy.

Log into BullGuard

You will see this option on your screen after creating a BullGuard account. The page to login BullGuard will open on the screen along with the latest features of the program and it also will facilitate the download procedure for the advanced definition of the BullGuard in the background while reading the details. Tap on the Done to finish the steps.

Reinstallation of BullGuard Antivirus

The BullGuard installer will detect the installed files of BullGuard antivirus and uninstall these files for you. You should conduct the same procedure for the BullGuard reinstallation manually by uninstalling the previously installed version from your PC and the installation again manually.

BullGuard protection for the desktop can be downloaded from the My Account section of BullGuard by signing in with the username and password and after that, the Download option for the registered account.

• While reinstallation procedure, there will be firstly a Welcome screen appeared
• You will be redirected to the fresh window and there you have to tap on the Agree option when you are done with reading the End User License Agreement (EULA)
• Tap on the Install option to continue with the reinstallation procedure

As we already discussed that, if you already have an application on your PC then, you have to conduct the un-installation procedure first and then, tap on the Next option for the BullGuard antivirus installation from your PC

The un-installation procedure will be conducted by the installer tool and it will save the current settings and preferences of BullGuard

Restart your PC when the uninstallation procedure ended. The option Reboot Now is selected by default and you will be always asked to reboot your PC when the un-installation gets finished. When your PC restarts, the procedure will continue and install BullGuard on the PC.

Wait unless BullGuard is installed and at that time, it will run a quick scan called preliminary scan of your PC and as soon the progress bar completes 100%, you will be successfully signed into the BullGuard account. For proper management, you will be asked to log in to the BullG7uard account which you have to conduct after entering the credentials.

Login to BullGuard after Reinstallation

You easily can conduct the BullGuard login procedure after reinstalling it and for that, you have to start the BullGuard app and then, tap on the Settings. Now, choose General from the left-hand side and then, tap on the cursor on the Change user option. Enter your username and password in the Login window and then, tap on the Login option

These are the exact procedure to download, install, login, and reinstallation of BullGuard. Follow the steps as it is mentioned and make sure to have a good internet connection.