BullGuard against Smishing parcel delivery text message fraud

• 05, October 2021

Parcel or package delivery scams have become the most common type of ‘Smishing’ text message. As the name suggests, ‘Smishing’ is a term that is basically used for SMS Phishing and it is the dark art of stealing money or recognizes in response to the phone text message.

What do Smishing Scams include?

There is a fact that BullGuard protects against Smishing parcel delivery text message fraud. Such a message will look like a legitimate site and will ask the victim to enter financial and personal details. Currently released data said that over a 90 day period, the scam texts number usually come from a delivery organization that is symbolized more than half of all Smishing attempts.

BullGuard against Smishing parcel delivery text message fraud

How to identify Smishing Scams?

The simplest way to check an SMS Phishing text is to be alert to the messages. It will always convince you to take immediate action. Such Frauds texts play with your emotions and basic needs like safety, trust, fear of losing money, and eagerness for a bargain or similar.

Clicking on the link- You will be redirected to a malicious site where you will be asked to give the financial details, or click on a button, and hence, you have downloaded a piece of malware. In some cases, it proves to be a Trojan that is specifically programmed for sending SMSs to the Premium Rate Services from the phone which it infects.

Calling a Certain Number- If you call on the phone number that is provided by the SMS then, never expect an answer from the customer support service of the bank. The robot or person answering is definitely a fraud and will ask to enter the banking details for using them without your knowledge.

Damage caused by Smishing

If you want to visit a website and you do so with the Smartphone it might be then, infected with malware or you will be prompted to part with confidential and sensitive details. If you will be asked to make a phone call then, it could either be for the same cause or it might be a premium rate number that is set up by the fraudsters which in result pay excessive charges.

Don’t Be a Victim

The very first step to stay prevented against such a thing is to take your time and consider whether the text is fraudulent or genuine. If it provides some kind of reward then, ask yourself whether it is too simple to be true because it might well be. If it happens unexpectedly from the delivery company and you aren’t expecting a parcel then, use it with caution.

Unless you receive regular texts from the bank then, treat these sorts of texts with utmost caution. If you respond and you will be prompted to provide personal and sensitive information then, don’t do it. A trusted organization won’t ask for such detail. Also, download the BullGuard Mobile Security software program. A free version will keep you secure from malware.

What does BullGuard say to avoid Smishing scams?

Criminals send smishing text messages with the links that lead to the fake and fraudulent websites used to steal financial and personal information.

• Such messages might look like a trusted firm and might use official branding for getting you convinced that they are reliable. It is recommended to access the website by typing the letters into the web browser and never click on the links in the texts.
• Be cautious and check the delivery prompts very carefully to ensure if they are legitimate. Text messages might look as same as that they are legitimate but they might use common greetings like Dear Madam/Sir or be stuck with spelling errors or bad grammar.
• Avoid those claims which say that you have won goods or services for which you haven’t applied even. Specifically, if you will be asked to pay a few amounts for claiming them.

Wrap Up-

Smishing scams are not easy to detect because it looks like it is sent from legitimate sites. This is the reason you should be cautious when you see a message which comes unexpectedly.