Does BullGuard antivirus offer free trial for 2021?

• 16, November 2021

BullGuard antivirus software program is something that is really good to prefer if you are looking around for security or safety of your computer against all types of dangerous and unwanted elements, yes the use of the software program is really easy and also it is available as a free trial. But at the same time as there are so many versions of the software program that are available so the users are often seen struggling with certain confusions and problems. The recent confusion that the users get to face these days is related to BullGuard antivirus free trial 2021.

Answering it simply we can say that BullGuard antivirus does offer a free trial for 2021, and it is not just the basic version there is more that is associated with this. The BullGuard Internet Security and the premium protection version can also be used easily on a free trial basis for some time.

Does BullGuard antivirus offer free trial for 2021?

BullGuard basic free trial

Yes, the users can download a free trial of the basic BullGuard antivirus, which is available for the users to use up to 15 days, after that the user will need to pay for it further if he or she is satisfied with the services offered by the software and wishes to continue the association.

BullGuard Internet Security free trial

Yes, this is also a possibility that is there, if you have used the basic version of the antivirus and now you wish to take a trial for the BullGuard Internet security. There is also a trial period available for that. BullGuard Internet Security is available as a free trial for 90 days that is 3 months. Three months are more than enough for the trial of any of the security software programs.

Once after getting done with the trial, you can then go for buying the subscription, if you are actually well satisfied with the performance of the BullGuard Internet security trial version.

How to buy a BullGuard Internet security subscription?

For buying a BullGuard Internet security subscription you should follow the steps given below:

• On the browser open the BullGuard official website
• Next, you are advised to look for BullGuard internet security
• You are then advised to get the software added to the cart
• Next, you will click on proceed to buy
• After this, you will have to enter your payment details

This is how you can purchase the BullGuard Internet security once you are done with the free trial version of it.

BullGuard premium protection free trial

Then there is also this BullGuard premium protection free trial that you can use for around 30 – 90 days and if it satisfies you then further you can easily purchase a subscription of this version.

How to purchase BullGuard premium protection 2021?

For purchasing BullGuard premium protection follow the steps given below:

• You should open BullGuard official website on the browser
• After this, look for BullGuard premium protection and get it added to the cart from the BullGuard shopping page
• After that, you will need to proceed to buy from the cart
• Then after entering payment details and confirmation of the purchase the whole process would be completed.

Now just knowing the existence of the free trial version and the process of purchase would not be enough. It is also important for the user to know the features that do come associated with the software program if one is planning to invest money in it.

Features associated with BullGuard antivirus software program:

The list of the features associated with the BullGuard antivirus software program goes as follows:

• Provides best protection against malware, spyware, Trojans and viral attacks, and also spam
• Also, it offers free PC tune-up
• There is effective parental control available
• Also, there is safety and security for mobile
• Online backup space for up to 5 GB
• A free trial as has been discussed above is available for 90 days
• Web browser protection is available
• Safe banking transaction
• Improved technology for easy detection of unknown threats • Game Booster
• Home network scanner

All the information that is relevant as per the topic has been well discussed here, other than this all the other things such as installation of the software program or the activation of it or anything else can be discussed later on, some other time. Discussing it all in one will just leave us confused and that is obviously the last thing we would want.


So, here is all the information related to BullGuard antivirus free trial, you all are advised to go through it carefully and then act accordingly. Also, all, the feature provided by the software program or we can say are included in the software program have been well discussed here. Reading the guide carefully is really going to help the users in various ways. They will be able to understand everything better and thus also they will be able to use the software program as per their need.