Reasons for BullGuard Blocking Game

• 10, September 2021

BullGuard antivirus might get you stuck when you open a suspicious or malicious program, application, software, or even website. The same goes with Games too, if BullGuard is blocking a game then there is the same software program behind it. BullGuard is capable and fully functional antivirus software and it is well-renowned for being one of the effective software programs for PC gamers.

BullGuard Introduction for Protection

This antivirus software is equipped with features that include identity theft security and malware detection. The unique feature that the BullGuard shows off is the Game Booster. This antivirus comes along with the VPN, Firewall, Parental Controls, and ID security. The malware scanner tool is another strong aspect that is available on the BullGuard Antivirus. We will discuss the reasons for BullGuard blocking game and the way to unblock it.

Reasons for BullGuard Blocking Game

The features will ensure that your system and the kids are secured from all malware software programs. This Firewall will hide all of the ports by keeping them in the Sneakiness Mode. Firewall blocks the sites for protection purposes which might become an issue for the users sometimes. There are some instances where BullGuard Firewall will keep blocking your games on a frequent basis.

The reason behind BullGuard Blocking Games

If BullGuard is blocking games continuously then, there might be some malware-related issues. Yes, if there are malicious links or any threats embedded in the software of that particular game then, all you need to do is to unblock that game. In rare cases, it will continue to block the favorite game even if you have turned it off. Unblocking blocked games or website is not a smart choice because if BullGuard has blocked something then there might be a malware link or threat included in it. So, it is recommended to not open or unblock that software or program and if you do this, then take the risk on your own.

Unblocking Games in BullGuard

BullGuard is compatible with all devices and it provides a solution to this certain problem when it blocks a certain game. Games or any other websites are blocked by the Firewall feature.

• All you have to do is to open the BullGuard Firewall Application and locate it to the Settings section and after that, go to the Antivirus option
• After that, go to the Advanced and choose the Tuning option and choose the checkbox offered that is available next to the Skip Folders/files option
• Now, click on the highlighted folders/files title and then, click on the Plus that is provided in the section which is recently open

You will be adding an exception to the concerned game folder by conducting this action. In case, if BullGuard is blocking that game again and again after re-opening it then, you should get expert advice for the same. You also can also do one thing and that is to uninstall that game and reinstall it. Do not forget to remove the setup file or that game and then, conduct a malware scan using BullGuard antivirus. After that, restart your device and then, reinstall that game again. This is because if there is any malware embedded in that file then, it will be completely removed from your device and reinstallation will be fresh.

Conduct Malware Scan using BullGuard

BullGuard antivirus allows you to scan your device as it has the capability to remove malware from the device. The quick way to conduct a complete scan is mentioned below-

• First of all, open BullGuard antivirus by clicking on the icon
• Then, you will see a few panels where you have to find the Scan for Viruses option
• Click on the option and wait for a few seconds and there you will see the list
• Scroll down to find the files for scanning and click on Finish to complete the scanning


Only you will be responsible for any threat or hack-related issue if you are going to unblock a file that is blocked by BullGuard antivirus. It is recommended to conduct a thorough scan of your device using BullGuard if you have chosen to uninstall that blocked/infected file. After that, reinstall the file and enjoy a flawless experience of that file.