Guide to Some Basic BullGuard Procedure

Antivirus has nowadays become a basic necessity for all the systems working around the globe, as due to the constant development of techniques the systems have now become more prone to unwanted harmful interferences such as malware attacks, spyware, Trojans, viral attacks, online risk and a lot more.

BullGuard has over the years become an unquestionable choice of every system user who goes out searching for security software to provide its system with some protective layers against all the unwanted harmful elements. The technicians at BullGuard Contact Number UK further make this software even more users friendly.

The reasons for BullGuard being the first preference for every user are first of all its spotless history of more than 10 years an also this software is working very efficiently from such a long time period.

But, some users being from non-technical backgrounds are often seen stuck into some of the other problems with the basic BullGuard procedures like installation, uninstalling, reinstalling, activating and a lot more such processes, here we will provide the users with a detailed guide for all such processes.

Installing BullGuard: For installing BullGuard on the system the user should follow the given steps:-
• First of all, get the installer downloaded from the official BullGuard website.
• Then open the installer in order to run it on the system
• You will be directed to a welcome screen it will command you to get all the documents saved before starting with the installation then click “next”.
• Before starting with the installation except for the “end user license agreement.”
• Then click “next” the installation process will then start.
• Once the procedure gets completed then get yourself registered by creating a BullGuard account.
• Then wait for the virus definitions to get downloaded.
• The BullGuard antivirus is now ready for use.

Activating BullGuard: once the antivirus is installed on your system then activation is just an easy process of few steps - • Open the antivirus go to “settings”
• In the settings menu click on “Account”
• You will then get to see a rectangular screen
• There enter the license key in the rectangular box and click on “submit license key”, then wait for the activation process to complete.

Uninstalling BullGuard: The user can get the software uninstalled using the BullGuard uninstaller or can also do it through the control panel, however, doing it through BullGuard uninstaller is preferable.

For doing that as soon as you will start running the uninstaller you will get to see the welcome screen on that screen click “next” in order to continue then on the next screen if you wish to keep the settings saved then put a tick mark against the box, the uninstalling procedure will then star after that get the system restarted.

This Blog post covers solutions of all the issues and errors that you get to face while you start using the software, however, if you still find yourself stuck somewhere then for better help connect with the experts at BullGuard Contact Number UK.