What does BullGuard do against online cyber-attacks?

• 25, September 2021

A cybercriminal gang is exploiting the fame by tricking the users cunningly into calling a fake call center with the ultimate goal of installing Ransomware onto the PCs. BullGuard Internet Security provides comprehensive protection to the devices and it has cloud protection technology that identifies threats when they emerge in real-time.

What is an online cyberattack matter?

Phishing emails are continuously being sent to MS Office users and try to trick them into calling a number that is operated by the cybercriminals

As per Microsoft, some of the emails are claiming that they come from the recipe website or photos editing service or ‘confirm’ that a software license has been bought.

What does BullGuard do against online cyber-attacks?

Some emails have a trial subscription is getting expired and the credit card if some individual will be charged soon automatically

The email might depend but the underlying email is commonly the same to call the email recipient using a telephone number

The best understanding thing is that the emails don’t have the attachment and don’t even have a link for the users to click on. Rather that they provide a phone number to the recipients to call if they have any queries.

Importance of browsing securely

Everyone knows the significance of using a secure browser and malware protection. As per the AV-Test Institute, there are 350, 00 new instances of malware are releasing every day. Malware is a common tool for hackers across the world but when it comes to stepping up the hackers’ skills level, browser attacks are equally dangerous.

Online cyber attacks are intentionally targeting the browser to steal personal information like payment card info, passwords, browsing histories, and many more. These are very sensitive information for identity thieves and the most dangerous thing is that they can get everything they want to know about you in just a single stroke.

The popular methods of browser attack hacking, man-in-the browsing attacks, process injection, rootkits, and remove control takeover. Every of these detailed a different way to access the browser and steal information.

There are also malicious plug-in extensions. You can come around these on websites that will ask you to download software for free. They also claim that they will make the browser faster or easier or provide features like instant access to desired websites. Although, when downloaded the malicious code will enter the browser and will transmit the private data to the server of that stranger.

Another browser hacking form comes in the light at the network level. A hacker will spoof a Domain Name Server for redirecting the data from the browser to a fraud website which will resemble the site which you are trying to reach like a retailer or an eCommerce or even banks as well.

BullGuard against cunning cyber attacks

BullGuard comes with a secure browser that will keep you secured against such attacks-

• While planning to buy something online, buy a service, or book travel, BullGuard Secure Browser will keep the payment card data safe and secure from browser attacks
• While accessing an online service such as YouTube, either at home or from another location, this software will definitely secure the login details aren’t hacked
• BullGuard Secure browser checks malicious websites so that one cannot access them mistakenly and unwittingly infect the PC with malware. The secure browser will protect you against spoofing attacks where the hacker's set up websites that emulate the actual thing as an online retailer or bank.
• If you are anxious about the hackers who are accessing the browsing history, BullGuard Secure browser will lock the browsing cache and cookies so they cannot be accessed.

Secure browsing is the important new feature of BullGuard Internet Security and Premium Protection that is available through a modified browser which of course comes with all browser aspects which you expect such as history, tabbed browsing, address bar hints, and many others. BullGuard Secure Browser will assure that the browser security will be nailed down and network security will be strong which won’t allow the malicious websites to stay on it.