BullGuard is not updating: What should I do?

• 27, April 2021

BullGuard Antivirus is the best security software and it promises to provide excellent protection to you. When it comes to fighting against viruses, threats, ransomware, adware, or viruses it has done a good job. It is very much required to update your BullGuard security software from time to time to keep everything safe and secure.

This security software is designed with excellent security tools and features to provide comprehensive protection to your device. It can be easily installed on your device and one can easily customize its settings. In case, if you are stuck because of BullGuard update failure then, you might not be able to use this software on your device.

BullGuard is not updating: What should I do?

When BullGuard stops working on your device then, it is very clear that your device goes under danger as viruses and malware can now easily enter your PC. Well, this error should be immediately fixed to keep your device completely safe and secure. There are lots of causes behind the BullGuard failure update and hence, we are here with all of them along with their resolutions.

Resolution for BullGuard Not Update Issue

Check the Internet Connection

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to check the network connection. A weak internet connection might get you stuck with the update failure issue. Try to search for something else on the same network and if there is no network congestion then, there is an issue with your BullGuard and hence move ahead with the next troubleshooting step.

No Updates Available

You will need to check the available update of BullGuard because there might be a possibility that you already are using the updated version. In such a case, it is advisable to check the status of BullGuard's available updates. For that, you have to open the BullGuard app on your device. Now, click on the Settings option and then go to General. Click on the Check Status button that appears on the screen.

Permission Not Allowed

There might be possible that your device is not permitting new updates or installation of any new application because of security issue. In such a case, you obviously not be able to install the new update of BullGuard. To allow the permission, you have to,

• Head to settings and go to Apps and Apps and Features from the Settings screen
• Now, click on the app and click on “Advanced Options” and scroll down
• Here you will see the permissions under the “App Permission” which the app can use
• All you need to do is to toggle the app permissions on to allow the access

Disk Space is full

When there is no space in the disk then, all you need to do is to check the disk space and clean it. For that, open the Start menu and choose Settings and System and then, Storage and open the Storage settings. Enable the Storage sense to delete Windows Unnecessary files automatically. Now, you have to choose Clean now when you see the Free up space option.

Reinstall the BullGuard Antivirus

If you have tried all the above-given steps and it doesn’t work then, the only way to get rid of the update failure issue is to reinstall the BullGuard antivirus. To do so,

• Log in to the My Account on the device on which you want to install BullGuard
• There, you have to click on Download from My Subscription
• Now, run the installer from the Downloads folder and follow the on-screen prompts
• Now, enter your previous BullGuard username and password to login into your account and update it again

If the error still persists after the reinstallation then, this is the time to contact the BullGuard Helpline Number UK and get connected with the experts for instant and reliable assistance. The teams are known for having an advanced solution for all the BullGuard-related errors so they will definitely help you out.