How to fix BullGuard blocking VPN?

Some users have been facing issues with their VPN and BullGuard. To begin with, you may connect with the BullGuard Phone Number UK to solve the issue if the following sounds too complicated to figure out on your own.

The problem in question is especially seen in public places like schools that connect to the internet via VPN connection applications. It so happens that BullGuard remembers the IP address of the Wi-Fi but the VPN still connects to some other IP address.

The other IP address may seem to you to be a random number, and BullGuard will obviously not approve of this strange interference in your system. This random number may be the same every time or it may change from time to time, especially since it’s used by so many people in a public place.

This will mean that each time you choose to connect to the internet; you will have to check your settings for BullGuard firewall to make sure that the connection you are using is reliable.

To solve this issue, you can go to the section for Firewall in your BullGuard software. From here, switch to the overview tab and find the user level. Turn this level to advanced and in the profiles tab, search for Custom Security and double click on it.

Click on Security tab and select Trusted Hosts. Here, add the IP addresses that you have been seeing popping up repeatedly and tap on to the add button. This should solve the issue. If you wish to prevent BullGuard from blocking the VPN on your system, click on the BullGuard icon present at the right side of the system tray.

In the BullGuard window, click on the Firewall and select the drop-down menu. Once it expands, look for Manage Rules, which will open up a window showcasing all the programs you installed along with the predefined rules to manage their access to the internet.

The description field will showcase the rules for the firewall. The Action section shows you the actions that can be taken by your firewall with regards to your programs. For instance, if you wish to allow any of the programs to exchange information from the internet, you will have to select Allow in its settings. Similarly, if you wish to block the exchange of information, you will have to click on Block.

You can find the executable file’s path in the Application field. So, look for your VPN app and click finalize its settings with Allow. Finally, save your settings by clicking on OK. It may also be the software’s firewall that is blocking the VPN because it assumes it to be dangerous to your system. To deal with that, all you have to do is temporarily disable BullGuard.

In case you see that the problem still persists, you can simply uninstall the software and download it again. It may seem to be a tad bit tedious, but BullGuard is simply trying to protect you. As it’s a part of a system, it sticks rigidly to how it has been designed and may cause some inconveniences in its quest to simplify your cyber life. Of course, you always call up the BullGuard Phone Number UK if none of this seems to solve your problems.