BullGuard Protection against Fake Bank SMS and Scams

•25, February 2022

As the name suggests, this topic doesn’t need an introduction as Fake SMS and Scams means something serious. Well, BullGuard is there to keep your device safe from fake SMS and scam calls. UK users have reported that a fake SMS claims to be from the NatWest bank of the UK stating that a new device has been registered with your account and has a link. Before moving ahead with this topic in detail, you should keep in mind that BullGuard protects against Fake Bank SMS and Scams so install it.

What does Fake Bank SMS say?

The fake SMS arrives from the bank end includes a link for the recipient to follow. The text in the SMS convinces the user very easily as it doesn’t have any mistakes which a fake SMS commonly has like misspellings or grammar.

BullGuard Protection against Fake Bank SMS and Scams

What happens if someone follows that link?

In case, if a person follows the link, it will redirect you through the phishing website that will ask for personal banking details. Text message scams lead to a fake website and it has become very common. The motive of this text is to replicate the genuine text messages from legitimate businesses like Banks.

• The aim of scammers is very simple as they get victims to part with information like payment card numbers and online bank access codes.
• Never provide the online banking Password, PIN, card reader codes, or Mobile app codes to anyone through the text
• Never dial that number included in the message, criminals might persuade you to give the personal information. You always find the correct number on the official bank website.
• If you already have clicked on the suspicious link, you will need to conduct a scan with BullGuard software to check the device for any malicious software program
• Make sure that you have reliable BullGuard antivirus software as it will keep your device secure against viruses and malware.

Apart from this, BullGuard Mobile Security has so many features that will alert you if there is any bug or fake/spam calls. But apart from, fake SMS and scams there is something called phishing malware. Mobile gets affected by such scams as well. So, let’s move ahead with the Mobile security action and tips to avoid such scams.

Avoid Phishing and Protects your Mobile Security

• Keep in mind that no bank or financial organization will prompt for the credit/debit card details or other personal details through Voice-mail messages or SMS. It doesn’t matter what they are looking to do. Hence, if you get such messages then, go directly to the bank or call on the official number and ask what it is all about.

Note: Official bank executive never asks for credit card numbers/ CVV, OTP, bank account numbers, or any other details.

• If you get a message that points you to the trusted-looking website or convinces you to contact customer service by dialing the number which they have offered, avoid that message. Find the official customer service number for the same on the official websites or from the billing statements and call that if required. You always can check the credit card number and get the contact number from there. Common sense matters more as you have to open your ears and eyes all the time.
• To stay prevented from malware infections, asked by phishing or scammers, you have to install a mobile security app on your phone. BullGuard Mobile security has an antivirus engine for real-time security against malware, and a vast array of extra mobile security features for entire security and peace of mind.

Never get into any promotional message that provides unexpected offers or claims. BullGuard takes care of such fake SMS so always keep your Mobile security up-to-date to allow it to provide you comprehensive protection.