BullGuard Saying "Not Available" after Updating It?

• 24, April 2021

Whether it is Windows, any application, or any software, installing their updates is the best way to use them without any hassle or any barrier. The same goes with BullGuard, this security software is designed with utmost care and attention by keeping advanced viruses, malware, and threats in mind. And this is the reason that it beats the performance of all security software in terms of powerful and comprehensive protection.

This antivirus also needs to update from time to time to use without any trouble. Some BullGuard users get stuck when they installed the new update of this security software. They stuck when BullGuard Saying "Not Available" after Updating It and at that time, all the protection tools stop working on your device. It means your device is not protected now and a device without any protection will always get you stuck. In such a case, fixing this error has become mandatory. A simple fix is to check the installation status of the BullGuard update by keeping a good internet connection and try again.

There are some possible causes behind this error code and hence, we are here with all of them with their resolution.

BullGuard Saying

Resolution of BullGuard “Not Available” Error

Check Internet Connection

It might sound funny but this is a big cause behind the “Not Available” error message of BullGuard and hence, it is recommended to check the internet connection of your device. To do so, disconnect your device from the current one and connect your device to another one. If there is no such error message and you can now use your BullGuard antivirus then, contact your Internet provider. And in another case where there is still an error message occurs, you will need to move ahead with the next troubleshooting step.

Device’s Operating System Gets Old

There might be an issue that your device is getting old and you haven’t installed the new updates of the operating system for a long time. In such a case, check the available updates of OS from the Settings option and then, install all of them. After that, restart your device and check if the error still persists.

Full Disk Space

There might be a possibility that there is no more space in the disk drive and hence the updated setup file isn’t installed properly. In such a case, it is recommended to run disk clean-up “cleanmgr” and then, all the temporary files and garbage folders will be deleted.

Compatibility issue with Operating System

There might be a possibility that the new BullGuard isn’t compatible with the Operating system and hence get stuck with this error. Well, in that case, you will need to check the system requirement of BullGuard 2021 and then, set your system according to it and then, restart your device to see the result.

Run Malware Scan

In case, if the error still persists even after following all of the above-given steps then, all you need to do is to check your device for malware-infected. There might be malware infection on your device due to which you aren’t able to use your BullGuard antivirus and hence, run a scan using BullGuard antivirus. When you allow BullGuard to run malware scans then, it will scan your device thoroughly and if there are any unwanted bugs found BullGuard will quarantine it to keep your device safe and secure. After completing the scan, it is advisable to restart your device and if the error still happens then, see below.

You will need to contact BullGuard toll free service number uk to get in touch with the technical experts for assistance. The technicians are available there and have knowledge of BullGuard-related errors and issues so they will help you out.