How does BullGuard Virus Scanner work?

• 01, October 2021

BullGuard takes care of its users and the device they are using. This antivirus software already is doing its best for providing excellent security to the devices with the help of outstanding features. And now, it comes with a scanner feature that will defeat the emerging and advanced viruses.

What is BullGuard Virus Scanner?

BullGuard Virus Scan is a new and advanced cloud-based antivirus service and it is definitely one of the best antivirus features and tools. This antivirus provides a free web service and will conduct an online quick scan on PC to detect malware as well as risky items. BullGuard Virus Scanner works effectively as it is also designed with Chrome extension so that, you can install it to chrome browser automatically. You might start the scanning procedure with just one click when you want.

How does BullGuard Virus Scanner work?

How can I trust on BullGuard Virus Scanner?

BullGuard antivirus comes with a virus scanner which you can use to find if there is the existence of any spyware, viruses, and other malware which might exist on your PC. There is no need to uninstall the current security solution like most of the virus scanners will prompt to. It is extremely light on resources and incredibly fast when it comes to allowing you to know if the PC is infected or not in just 60 seconds and works as an add-on for the Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer browsers.

Quick Scan using BullGuard Free Trial

To start the scanning procedure with BullGuard free trial, you will need to-

• Go to the official website and then, click on the Start Scanning Link
• Now, go to BullGuard Virus Scan and choose your preferred scanning option, and you are done

BullGuard will discover the running the chrome browser automatically and install the correct extension. For instance, if you are using Google Chrome then, you will be asked to install the extension and then, click on the Add option that appears on the screen

• After getting it installed on the appropriate extension to the Chrome Browser you will see the option BullGuard service that will be added to the extension bar
• Click on this option to start the Scan PC online to recognize the virus and malware on the PC
• When the scanning procedure is completed then, BullGuard will appear the scan results on the screen will be appeared. Apart from this, you might need to click on the View the scan report link so that you can open the report of the complete scan in the notepad.

BullGuard antivirus is completely free and comes with a Parental Control feature that will take care of every activity of your kids when they will be online

An overview after scanning device using BullGuard

Here you are all done, BullGuard Virus Scanner will start scanning your PC for viruses and provide a reliable diagnosis in a very few seconds (depends on the internet speed). You will be also provided with a Full Scan Report that will show an overview of all activities which are happening on your PC and the data of detected malware infections. All of them can be viewed then and there.

Another interesting thing is that you can keep the BullGuard Virus scan in your browser and can simply click on the icon and there is no need to do anything when you decide to start a quick scan. BullGuard Virus Scan will start running on the Windows PC and doesn’t remove viruses. It is only effective in detecting PC infections.

To clean any infection which the BullGuard Virus scanner has detected on your PC, you should use BullGuard Internet Security. It is based on award-winning antivirus technology; the internet security suite will remove the PC threats and block the ones who try to sneak in.