Why BullGuard VPN stops my streaming service?

• 20, September 2021

Streaming services are meant for entertainment and when it stops working on the device then, the user will get irritated. If you are a BullGuard user and you think that, BullGuard VPN is behind restricted streaming service then, you are at the right place as well will discuss the exact way to get this issue fixed and some outstanding features of VPN.

Introduction to BullGuard VPN

Whether you are using public Wi-Fi connection like in Cafe, or at the railway station, or you have to open the accounts from the airport or the shopping center, BullGuard VPN will assure comprehensive protection for the data. The utility changes the IP address so that the location cannot be guessed or one cannot detect the location. With the help of an advanced encryption system, it will assure complete security for the data. Hence, there is no chance that anyone can know the websites which you visit, the file you have downloaded, or the data you enter. If BullGuard VPN stops the streaming service, then you will need to check a few settings which are as follow.

Why BullGuard VPN stops my streaming service?

Resolution for BullGuard VPN Stops Streaming

If BullGuard VPN is restricting the video content from streaming to the user’s device then, there is fixing for it too. BullGuard VPN will allow the traffic to pass through and will not interrupt or delay the service. Even after that, you are getting into viewing or streaming issue then, there are a few steps which you should do to check-

Check if there is an issue on the streaming platforms or broadcast

If the answer is yes, then the issue might be with the browser and not with the connectivity. You can reset the browser cookies and cache to fix this issue.

Check for any DNS leak problems at any of the following sites-

• DNS Leak.com
• DNS Leak Test.com
• IP Leak.com

If your VPN Connection is active, then the country IP address should appear of the server in the test which you have to choose to connect to, but not the ISP.

Features linked with BullGuard VPN

BullGuard VPN is easy to use, fast, and will unblock almost everything but the lack of features and small network are actually the main concern. It offers a more supportive choice and discovered in 2002, BullGuard is a name you might trust the VPN is based across the best network.

The BullGuard VPN website will describe the fact that it won’t log what you are on while being online or it won’t keep the record of the activity which you have done on the website when you visit it. Not only this, it also ensures that you will have comprehensive security and privacy while being online.

BullGuard suggests using VPN is the top priority and this concept was clear from the moment it has discovered. There will be a Quick Connect option that will get you connected to the nearest server. There is a simple list of the alternative locations that live in the side panel and the clearly labeled Settings option will allow access to the few tweaks. Even VPN first-timers will detect it very quickly.

Overall, BullGuard VPN apps are simple and easy to use and they will cover all the core features which most users would like to have.

Final Lines-

BullGuard usages for security and privacy reasons and BullGuard VPN has a feature that will prevent the IP address and other private data from being broadcast over an insecure connection in the sudden disconnection from the VPN. All you have to do is to enable the connection automatically or the ‘fuse’ function of your device, and the VPN will take care of the rest and will keep you safe without disturbance.