What does BullGuard Vulnerability Scanner do for PC security?

• 15, September 2021

The vulnerability scanner provided by BullGuard is quite useful as it works against any vulnerability on your device. The unpatched vulnerabilities are one of the main malware infection vectors and hence, it is always recommended to keep a tough security layer to ensure that your software program is updated. BullGuard looks for possible entry points robustly with the cyber-attacks concern that includes unsecured Wi-Fi networks and old security definitions.

Introduction to BullGuard Vulnerability Scanner

BullGuard Vulnerability scanner will prevent those applications that have malware and will be downloading automatically. It also checks the applications and drivers' authenticity by checking their digital signatures. BullGuard Vulnerability Scanner provides strong PC security with its dedicated and strong features. It will also alert you about the missing security updates and warns in case if you have connected to an unsafe Wi-Fi network. The elegant and simple interface will have the capability to spot security issues that can be detected directly from the interface like applying Windows Updates.

What does BullGuard Vulnerability Scanner do for PC security?

What does Vulnerability Scanner do?

The Vulnerability Scanner module will scan Windows and other installed apps, and add-ons, for the possible vulnerabilities and also provide the available updates list and patches for the errors that are usually found while the scan. To do this, there are 4 simple steps-

Go to the Dashboard and then, PC Protection. Now, you have to go to the Vulnerabilities section and there you will find the Start Scanner option. When you click on that option ‘Start Scanner’, BullGuard will start scanning your PC.

When you are done with the scanning, BullGuard will show a few issues which it has found during scanning the PC. It also has a list of issues that are related to event updates and patches. For the “High Risk” issues, you have to download the suggested update quickly. You also can decide to uninstall the app from the list or you can just skip the vulnerabilities.

“Ignore” some of the vulnerabilities to get back to them further to lapse their status and for that, Go to Dashboard and then, Vulnerabilities. This is the time to go to the Ignored tab and then, View Ignored, and then choose the Un-ignore option. Once you choose this option, the previously discovered vulnerabilities will appear under the Status tab and there you can see the option which says ‘View Results option’.

The previously discovered vulnerabilities will be available under the Status tab and there you have to View result option and then you will become able to take action and can download the recommended updates.

When you are done with the first scan, you easily can set up a scan schedule that will run frequently at a certain time. Firstly, choose the Settings tab which will be there in the application. Now, you have to click on the option that says “Vulnerabilities” entry. This is the time to go to choose daily/weekly/monthly scanning option and the next automatic scan date. You are all set with the steps.

BullGuard Network Scanner

Network Scanner of BullGuard has lists of the devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi network and checks them for security issues. BullGuard network scanner will let you know if your device has even a single open port and if they are not password protected or if the network which you are accessing is insecure. You also can conduct real-time monitoring or on-demand scans.

The network scanner will send a notification when a new device will log in onto the network. This useful feature will scan your network if you are living in a crowded building where people might hack your Wi-Fi. It is simple to use and it provides an effective layer of security for the Wi-Fi User.

Wrap Up-

This security software also stops possible harmful software programs from installing it on the PC and ensures that the apps for the reliable digital signatures. It will also ensure that any vulnerability on the PC should be fixed before it can cause any damage or harm to the device.