Can BullGuard Mobile Security find my lost phone?

• 22, September 2021

Finding a lost or stolen phone is just like searching for a bead in the garden. But it is possible with BullGuard Mobile Security as it will help to find your phone in case if it has been stolen or lost. It doesn’t make promises like it will definitely find your phone but yes it can help you in finding it.

BullGuard for Mobile Security

Android devices are vulnerable to malware threats and such devices might be lost or get stolen. In such threats, BullGuard Mobile Security comes with a cloud-based AV Engine that is an ultra-fast engine and has less impact on the battery source, and it will assure that the advanced virus updates will be applied automatically as there is always its existence without the user’s involvement.

Can BullGuard Mobile Security find my lost phone?

In case of a stolen or lost device, BullGuard Mobile Security find lost phone and it will help to secure your device completely against such interlopers using a remote lock, locate and wipe features. It will give you complete control over the device and protects the data and the precious details that should remain private.

Anti-Theft Feature for Finding Mobile

Anti-theft tools will lock, find, and wipe the device remotely if in case of theft or loss and hence, there is nothing to worry about losing private data. In case, if your device gets lost or stolen then, you can lock it easily from the Internet browser, and the credit goes to the interface of BullGuard Mobile Security Manager.

Find the phone with the help of an Internet browser (Find a phone app) is also available in case if it is stolen or lost.

BullGuard Mobile Protection helps the Mobile user to lock or wipe the device in case if their phone has been stolen and someone attempts to replace the SIM Card. It also can activate an alarm to locate a stolen or lost device even after enabled silent mode.

Mobile Security Manager- Keep you under control

BullGuard Mobile Protection functionalities will be remotely controlled from any browser or any PC through the online dashboard of the security manager. It has a few advantages that will keep you safe-

• Set anti-theft controls and conduct a regular scan to keep your device completely safe against any form of infection.
• It will maintain full control of the application settings and will prevent a software program from changing the software operation secretly
• Controls the apps that are installed on the kids’ phones and it will do this secretly
• Helps to activate the GPS tracking feature and will allow an app to interact with the device location

Importance of Anti-Theft in finding Phone

With BullGuard, you will get a web-based interface that will allow access to the Mobile which you have lost or if it gets stolen. This Remote Access will help to lock the Phone, clean all the data on your phone, and will keep your SIM card secured. At the same time, it will backup your Mobile files onto the PC and this is the reason that the entire package is easy and simple to use.

It also comes with a lock function that will keep you prevented from accessing your contacts but in case if you need more assurance then you can use the wipe function to wipe out all of the data that will be on the Mobile as well as in the memory card. You should back up all of them on the PC so there is no such reason not to use this method in case if you have lost your phone.

There is a facility to track the lost phone by using the GPS phone locator function or you will be received an alarm to the phone to find it in case if you have forgotten where you left it. Well, there are a few complaints that have been reported on the web that is related to the GPS service that it doesn’t work always when someone wants it to.

In case if you have lost your phone, you can still make use of the backup feature from the BullGuard Mobile Security that will save the contact number and details as well as the calendar. After that, it will recover them to a new phone when you want it back.