Can I trust BullGuard for Trojans removal?

• 10, August 2021

Device security is prior when it comes to staying protected against malware, virus, cyber-attacks, and threats as well. There are lots of users who don’t have any security on their device and this might become the reason behind a hacked device. By seeing advanced malware and threats, it is very essential to keep your device completely secured by installing antivirus software like BullGuard.

When we talk about Trojans then, you must have complete knowledge about it. Trojan horse is a damaging program that comes with a harmless application. A classic instance of the damaging way of this Trojan is when it hides in a program it will claim to detect and remove viruses. Having a good antivirus like BullGuard is very essential to stay prevented against such unwanted bugs. You can trust BullGuard for Trojans removal and there are some more ways through which you can remove Trojans from your device or stay prevented against it.

Can I trust BullGuard for Trojans removal?

Trojans Removal Using BullGuard

If you have doubt that a Trojan horse has entered via the walls of your PC then, you can remove Trojan very easily just by using the BullGuard Internet Security program that comes with a built-in Trojan Remover.

Three methods to remove Trojans

1. The Internet Security program will do its best to make sure that the Trojans are never is installed. But in case, if you have doubt that Trojan has infected your system then, all you need to do is to run the BullGuard internet security program. This security software has the capability to quarantine and remove Trojan infected files on your computer.
2. It is very much suggested to never follow the on-screen instructions which you will find when Trojans entered on your device. You should immediately close that program in which you have doubt that Trojans is available and then, use BullGuard to remove it completely from the device.
3. When you suspect that your device is infected with Trojans then. You should immediately delete that program due to which this enters in your PC. And it is recommended to never download or install untrusted applications or software.

Trojans never show themselves as viruses do, but the cons of a Trojan attack can be just as harmful to your PC. Having a BullGuard internet security program is a blessing because it has the capability to remove Trojans from taking control of your computer system, and removing your files along with passing on the credit card details to the attacker.

It can come in several shapes and doesn’t have one single way of breaching or attacking your system. Unlike viruses, one of the most deceptive types of Trojan horse is a program that asks to rid your PC of viruses but rather that introducing viruses into your system.

Although a Trojan conducts the same function in that and it secretly downloads onto a PC its actions can depend on the cyber crooks have programmed it to do. These actions are varied and wide but some of the most common are mentioned below.


Trojan exploits are actually malicious code that takes advantage of a vulnerability within the software that is running on your PC. For example, hackers might design a flaw in the famous software program and after that, launch a Trojan exploit to take benefit of it.


A backdoor Trojan provides the remote control over an infected PC to the hackers and they can after that do so many things which they want to include sending and deleting files, appearing data, and restarting your PC. Well, more commonly Backdoor Trojans are used to create a Zombie or botnet network which can be used for malicious purposes.


Trojan-Banker programs are designed to steal your account data for online banking systems and debit or credit cards or other personal information. They log your keyboards essentially strokes when you visit a banking website which they have been designed to detect.

Trojan Fake Antivirus

If your PC has been ever taken over by pop-up ads which flash warning messages that your device is infected with a virus and you will need to buy some antivirus software then, it is likely a Trojan Fake antivirus which has got into your PC. These Trojans are developed to extract money from them even though the threats that they report are non-existent.

Trojan SMS

These Trojan sneak into the mobile phone because of clicking on the malicious link or downloading an infected app and after that send text messages to the premium rate phone numbers for which you pay.

There are other actions which Trojans carry out but they are the main ones which are extensively in use so you can stay secured against them and for that,

You should use good security software like BullGuard Internet Securitythat is recently awarded the best coveted Gold Malware Security from AV-Comparatives an independent testing lab. The honor was bestowed by the AV-comparatives for the next-gen of BullGuard layered defense system that defeats all kinds of malware that includes Trojans.