Does BullGuard provide protection to iPhone?

• 13, February 2021

BullGuard antivirus has the best security software and it is known for having excellent security features and tools through which it works outstandingly for providing excellent protection. This security software has a simple interface that makes it easy to use this security software. But there is a catch that BullGuard antivirus only has security tools and features for Windows and Mobile users. Although the company is working on it to make it compatible with iOS as well, the results are still awaited.

BullGuard antivirus has powerful security tools that are capable enough to protect your device against advanced viruses, malware, and threats as well. As we already discussed, the company is working speedily for strong security tools so that BullGuard provides protection to iPhone.

There are so many antivirus software programs that assure to provide excellent protection to iPhone devices. But still, there is something missing in the security tools and features. By keeping these things in mind, BullGuard still doesn’t release any new feature for iPhone devices.

Even after this, BullGuard has a VPN feature that is effective enough for devices’ or computer protection. This VPN feature can secure up to six devices altogether with just a single BullGuard VPN account. It includes desktop PCs, laptops, Smartphones, or tablets as well. BullGuard VPN recently is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android with iOS (iPad + iPhone).

Does BullGuard provide protection to iPhone?

• This security software is set to launch VPN for the users so that they can keep their online data completely protected from being tracked or hacked or it cannot interrupt their data.
• BullGuard VPN is effective to provide flexibility to the users to access the internet as well as online services safely and securely from anywhere.
• This VPN keeps you safe and secure whether you are using a Smartphone or Computer on the Public Wi-Fi in a cafe or want to check their online banking accounts from the shopping center, or airport, BullGuard VPN keeps you safe and secure.

Privacy Protection

BullGuard has a vast number of powerful tools and features that ensure your privacy online:

• It changes your IP address so that your location remains hidden
• It uses military-grade encryption to keep your data secure and encrypted on that website where you visit
• Also, the information which you enter and those files which you download cannot be seen by anyone. It means all your online information will be completely protected and secured

How to keep iPhone Secure without BullGuard?

This is quite tough because nothing can beat the performance of the BullGuard antivirus. But as you know BullGuard doesn’t provide protection to iPhone so you can follow a few tips to sort everything out at your end.

Screen Lock

A screen is important for your mobile device and it is the simplest way to keep the intruders out. You can choose the setting to auto-lock your screen after 30 seconds. There is a feature through which you can allow your device to automatically cleaning of device after 10 failed login attempts. You can use a PIN code to lock the screen but this is one of the simplest to breach. If your phone allows it then, it is advisable to use biometrics or pattern. Biometrics is one safe and secure authentication method as it is so tough to recover the data and some apps and phones offer excellent scanning features.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Most Smartphones offer two-factor authentication which uses biometric authentication such as eye scan or thumbprint. This is the best way to avoid hacking and a hacker might get a passcode but it is tougher to get both biometric and passcode authentication.

You can call on BullGuard Customer Care UK to get in touch with the technical experts in case you want to know the update for iPhone. The experts will tell you about every update which you are looking for.