Free BullGuard mobile security 2022 list of features

• 09, December 2021

BullGuard is the best to use for the purpose of protection and for the safety of computers and devices. The computers, devices are becoming technologically advanced with each passing day and are already very much in protection. But having a software program on the computer would only add more layers of safety and security harmlessly. Free BullGuard mobile security 2022 is the best thing to consider for the purpose of safety and security of mobile devices. There is still so much that people need to know as it comes to the process of securing mobiles.

What is free BullGuard mobile security 2022?

Well, free BullGuard mobile security 2022 is an especially dedicated app that is designed for the safety and security of android devices. The application is really very easy to install. Also, the further activation of the software program is easy to do. But, for making efficient use of this software application it is necessary for the user to understand all the features.

Free BullGuard mobile security 2022 list of features

The list of features goes as follows –

Antivirus against Malware- The antivirus cloud-based antivirus engine will be there for you all the time, not at all draining the battery of your device. Also, there is always the latest protection available for the device. There are automatic scanners coming in-built with this feature. This way the device remains protected against all the adware, Trojans, infections, and malware attacks

Anti-theft- This is another useful feature there available in the setup of free BullGuard mobile security 2022. This feature helps the user in searching for and wiping the device. Also, with the anti-theft feature, you can work on locking your device. The feature mainly comes into use when a thief steals a device.

Back up- This is yet another feature there in the software program that helps people with the easy backup of all the important information. Also, the feature allows the user to keep all the data well encrypted. After encryption, all the data goes on the BullGuard servers. This is how you will never lose any of your important data or info using the backup option.

Parental Control- Well, one can say that this is the most popular and also the most important feature that is there in the software program. There is a lot that is provided to the android users under this one feature.

What all is available in parental control?

Picture Monitoring- Keep an eye on the photos and pictures stored by your child on your device.

App Monitor- Also, it allows you to see the list of those apps that your child is using on the phone.

GPS tracking – This helps in times of crisis when you wish to search for the device for your child.

BullGuard Mobile Security Manager- All the BullGuard mobile protection features are easy to control from the BullGuard mobile security manager dashboard.

Ease of use- The user interface of the software program is famous for its simple design all the features are easy to put to use and one can easily find those features on the software program because of the simple interface.

Expert Help – Also, the BullGuard experts are available for your help all the time, the experts team is open for people always.


So, these are all the features that are there included in the workings of the software program. After reading all in the guide, you will be able to further use the software program in an efficient manner. Also, you can go to the team of technicians whenever you feel like it. Be sure you will get the most instant and the accurate resolution whenever you will look for it.