High-end Security: BullGuard Premium Protection

• 12, March 2021

BullGuard antivirus is the perfect security suite when it is to protect your device against unwanted bugs, viruses, advanced machine learning, and secure surfing offer complete and powerful security that defeats even the most skilled cyber thefts. This is the ultimate and best cyber protection for everyone. BullGuard Premium Protection is a comprehensive online protection for you, your family, and the home network.

The premium suite checks your complete digital life 24x7 and every device on your internet connection on the network is a possible back door that provides the whole network protection from unauthorized access. A Home Network Scanner of BullGuard Premium Protection secures the whole network proactively and every device 24x7.

High-end Security: BullGuard Premium Protection

Multi-Layer Protection

When malware tries to attack your PC, a fast, the light signature based detection safeguards against the most common threats as the Sentry behavioral engine secures against zero-day as well as other tough threats. It has an access engine that secures even if you have never used a manual scan and once you are connected to the network. The new cloud detection technology helps to detect threats as they enter in real-time without any update signatures on the device.

Outstanding Identity Security

The identity protection of BullGuard service includes the Premium Protection plan helps to provide enhanced protection for the online identity. Apart from protecting the physical devices Enhanced support for the international phone numbers and bank accounts assure the most reliable dark web monitoring.

Network and Home Scanner

The network is only as safe and secure as the weakest link and every device on the network is possible to back door and provides unauthorized access to everything around the entire network. The Home Network Scanner assesses your thermostats, speakers, baby identifiers, and all connected devices proactively. Even better, when you connect a new device and it conducts a deep scan and status check automatically. It is another way that ensures smart homes stay safe homes.

Enhanced Next Gen Anti-Malware

The next-gen anti-malware allows you intelligent multiple-layer protection. According to a search, it has become one of the best security software and features for comprehensive protection. Further enhancements consist of improved behavioral detection, automatic detection, vulnerability scanning of the unsigned drivers. When any malware is detected then, it locks down it and quarantine and then, neutralized before it harms your PC.

Improved and Advanced Security

Advanced security includes an enhanced vulnerability scanner interface which allows the users to quickly understand their current exposure and protection levels. The improved protection against behavourial based threats is known for its greater stability, remediation, and detection with regular policy updates to all endpoints. It flags Windows security updates automatically that can be viewed directly from the BullGuard Interface.

Vulnerability Scanner

It effectively prevents the programs which might have malicious software from downloading and checking the drivers and program's authenticity by checking their digital signatures. It also alerts you of missing security updates and notifies you in case if you have joined an insecure Wi-Fi network. It comes with a simple and elegant interface that allows you to search security issues that can be deal with directly from the interface like Windows Updates.


These security tools are the perfect ones when it comes to providing comprehensive protection to the devices. Install BullGuard antivirus and get an instant and powerful security suite for your device.