How does BullGuard identity Protection work against Cyber Threats?

• 27, August 2021

Identity theft is just like phishing and other social trading techniques which are used often to snoop sensitive and personal details from the person. Public profiles saved on other popular online services like social networks can be also used as the data source that helps criminals to imitate their goal of misusing your personal details.

When identity thieves gathered your information from social networks, they will use it to shop for goods and take control of your online accounts. Not only this, they might take legal action in the victim’s name. In short, the affected victims might suffer financial loss because of unauthorized withdrawal as well as purchases that have been made in their names. BullGuard identity Protection work against Cyber Threats and we will discuss it in this guide in details.

How does BullGuard identity Protection work against Cyber Threats?

The reason behind people gets vulnerable

• ID theft is commonly the outcome of companies and organizations which might fail to keep their data secure
• Vulnerable IT communications allow the attackers to enter the servers and then they simply copy the entire databases
• Companies that fail to take proper measures to store their data secretly on their servers for example in case of private information of the user is not encrypted
• Dismissed or angry employees of offices can leak the details and sensitive information on the web which might allow an attacker to get access to the server of business and copy the sensitive user information

BullGuard Identity Protection against such Threats

BullGuard Identity Protection will work effectively to keep you safe and secure. When you set up an account, you have to enter the details which you want to protect. It might be bank account numbers, debit card numbers, email addresses, passports, and any passwords. It could be anything which you hold and which is precious. BullGuard Identity Protection checks the web 24x7 for this information. Should they appear on the darknet, online forums, social media platforms, or any other online sites; you will be notified quickly from the BullGuard’s end with proper suggestions on the steps which you should take.

How easy is it to use BullGuard Identity Protection?

It is very simple and you have access to the portal that is protected using the password known only to you. You have to enter the information which you want to secure and your contact information and that is it. BullGuard Identity Protection then searches the internet that includes the dark web. When your information is first added, a preliminary check is carried on the categorized detail. If any match is found then, a warning will appear in the interface of BullGuard Identity Protection. In the searches of 24/7, if your details are discovered you will get an email or text that informs you.

BullGuard Identity Protection works with the existing Internet Security and ensures that both the information personal and financial as well as the social networking activities of the kids are secured against these threats.

By monitoring the web frequently and the “dark web”, where the personal data will be traded and the precious information are accessed by third parties, inappropriate or malicious behavior will be flagged for the users to act against if essential.

The Identity Protection module will allow the users to choose the personal information which they want to keep secure like credit card numbers, national insurance, bank account data, passwords, usernames, and the sorts of information. BullGuard will notify the users through an email or SMS or any suspicious activity to prevent fraud and scams.

The Social Media Protection component will help the parents to keep an eye on the Facebook profile of the kids without being invasive and supports up to three monitored profiles. Activities that are chosen as the high risk, like receiving inappropriate content, or links to malicious websites, suspicious friends, and parents are given the option to block such messages from the account.

These are the methods through which BullGuard identity Protection work against Cyber Threats. Make sure to not click on the suspicious links or never open a website that is not safe to open because these might get your personal information back.