How does BullGuard prevent businesses from Cyberthreat?

•21, January 2022

All sizes of businesses are disturbed because of the coronavirus pandemic but small businesses are suffering more. The government has taken a step to make loans available but is it enough to deal with this pandemic. BullGuard is also there to help small businesses to prevent it from attacks and threats. Social platforms also have introduced new features to let small businesses survive this pandemic. Apart from this, you must have cyber security tools to deal with threats and attackers. So, here is BullGuard to prevent businesses from Cyberthreat just by installation.

BullGuard Free Protection

In a survey of BullGuard, there are 43% of small businesses aren’t using cybersecurity protection and 25% of small business owners had to spend millions of dollars to fix the attack. It could be devastating for a small company and even more while in this pandemic crisis.

How does BullGuard prevent businesses from Cyberthreat?

Well, reputed cybersecurity doesn’t mean too much cost like Free BullGuard. But you also can follow a few simple tips to stay prevented against cyber threats. Choose the appropriate technologies to keep small businesses secure and for that, install BullGuard Antivirus to secure your business.

Just for an example, you have free BullGuard Small Office Security to secure small business end-user devices. You can get more about this, so just move ahead with simple tips to keep cyber-wolves away from the door

What to do?

Make Cybersecurity Strategy and Aware it to Company- The plan might have standard security software to conduct on every device including policies, and processes to keep company data secure. It also includes escalation procedures issues come, and an entire refresh on cybersecurity awareness and training in the office as well.

Make sure to install BullGuard Software and keep it updated- BullGuard comes with anti-phishing capabilities. Basically, this software is managed centrally with the help of a cloud portal. It will enable IT owners/staff and managers to control and monitor the cyber posture of the organization even if employees are working from home.

Ensure that staffs have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) while connecting to Wi-Fi- Either you are working from home or office, you must have VPN enabled to keep your online privacy secured. It flies under the radar and surfs the internet in stealth mode with entire anonymity. The VPN works by hiding the origin IP address and prevents others from controlling the online browsing activity what websites they visit and what they download. The services and apps which they use will be prevented from using VPN.

Need Staffs for Regular Backups to Protect Private Data including Files and Videos-If a ransomware attack happens and the PC is locked by the malware, the system will be restored through the backup without paying money to ransom. A ransom helps the staff if the Smartphone, PC, or tablet is stolen or lost. SMB owners should need staff to have complete BullGuard Antivirus protection installed on the devices. It will help to identify and block ransomware or malware that hides on websites and blocks malicious emails or apps with phishing attachments so that they cannot be opened and downloaded.

Even if someone finds a way to access encrypted communications, it might take a year for the hackers and take hundreds of millions of dollars for cracking encryption. VPN solutions provide security around multiple devices and the cost of protecting them is really tough.

BullGuard Small Office Security: A Comprehensive Security

BullGuard Small Office Security has been developed from the ground up to specifically meet the requirements of small offices. We are offering a free, 3-month license, no strings to help the small businesses get securely via these uncertain times, there is no need to add payment card details.

The cyber-security heart platform is known for having award-winning security BullGuard that works best. It will secure multiple devices that include Macs, PCs, and Androids to secure laptops, smartphones, workstations, and another mobile if staff is working from home or office.

It provides simple and complete management through the single centralized online cloud admin portal so that a person can manage all devices simply. For example, updates can be sent to all devices altogether within minutes. Lost and infected devices also can be remotely locked down

Just install BullGuard Premium Protection to the device to keep your office device completely secure. Just set up and deploy it to take just minutes and the software footprints are very light so that it doesn’t consume the device’s resource or slow it down. BullGuard provides comprehensive management and is extremely simple to use.