How does BullGuard protect against being scammed mistakenly?

• 17, August 2021

Mistakes are common when people are on holiday or busy. Well, simple mistakes can be recovered but when it leads to security mistakes then, it might become very dangerous for your privacy. There is something two billion people are available across the globe which shops online on regular basis and that is about roughly one-fourth of the world’s population.

During the Christmas holiday season, online transactions in shopping and ordering food surges to an annual peak and it is probably higher than ever as a result of the lockdowns and pandemics. It is also a large source of chance for online scammers and cyber thieves. Let’s move ahead with a few tips that will keep you safe and secure from scammers during the holiday season.

How does BullGuard protect against being scammed mistakenly?

Phishing Mail Alert

If you get an email you are not expecting, delete it right now. If you click on a link and enter your personal detailed information you have to hand your information to a fraudster and introduced potentially malware into your Laptop, PC, Smartphone, or tablet.BullGuard will protect against being scammed mistakenly and read more.

Social Media Scams

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be wide with scams. The scammers will send a message often that appears to come from the social media platform but the links in the email will take you to the fake pages which prompt for personal information like username and password. Don’t be so relaxed, this is the personal information your and a social media service will never ask for it.

Fake Website or Real Deal

Fake websites while on holiday shopping season are as common as rain and when possible use websites which know and trust, are fake then, you will be completely hopeless. If you want to check a new website then, look for ‘HTTP at the start of the URL. The ‘S’ stands for secure and detects encrypted data. You will need to look for a green padlock in the browser bar as it also signs the same thing. A well-designed website is commonly a good symptom when you are shopping from somewhere new. If you get a lot of notifications and are not able to close them then, it is suggested to stay away from them.

Shopping with Smartphone

If you are using public Wi-Fi for online shopping then, make sure to connect through a VPN and these networks are widely vulnerable to hackers but they can be hitten back with a trusted VPN that hides and encrypts the data. Also, beware of shortened URLs for a website that can be common on Mobile devices. It can mislead the buyers into phishing scams and hence, double-check that you are on a trusted website before you take the plunge and buy something.

Keep your valuable data safe

Whether it is your name and address, payment card details, bank account numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, PIN Numbers, or other personal identifying details so treat it like it is gold for you and the best you can buy because it is valuable. Never share it with anyone.

Keep your Antivirus Always Up-to-date

Online threats evolve continually in terms of the advanced so you need to make sure that you have the most advanced security available that updates automatically. BullGuard Internet Security fits all the requirements. Including advanced dynamic machine learning and safe browsing for secure and safe online banking, it comes with multi-layers of sturdy security. And it is always evolving too.

Strong and Unique

Your password should be strong and unique. Use at least 10 characters with the combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers, and symbols. This will defeat those who have attempted to guess your password.

Read the Reviews

Reviews are the main source of the information about the products, services, and websites. People who submit reviews will give an honest and unvarnished opinion, even if some are a bit grumpy. Therefore, if in doubt about a website or anything else, you should check the reviews.


If you are using auction sites then, create a screen name that doesn’t give anything away about the actual identity. You can dream up some cool names and keep prying eyes, cybercriminals, and snoopers at a secure distance.

Debit or Credit

Credit cards are the method to go when shopping online. Mandatory rules and regulations ask that credit card companies have to offer protection for their customers that means if you have ever been scammed online then, you have good protection like BullGuard antivirus. On the other hand, the security that is provided to debit cardholders is limited and it means that you have to bear a large proportion of any financial losses.

BullGuard Antivirus provides multi-award-winning and multi-layered protection for all seasons. Beware of phishing attacks and keep yourself always informed about the new phishing ways and for additional protection, and install BullGuard Internet Security suite which comes with the Safe Browsing and Antiphshing to alert you against the malicious website. BullGuard security comes with such features.

Also, never trust too much when it comes to the security of the file-sharing platforms or software. it is best you have your own security in place and effective antivirus protection like the one that is offered by BullGuard Internet Security. The antivirus engine will secure your PC even from the advanced forms of malware programs.