How effective is BullGuard Dojo IoT Vulnerability Scanner?

•17, January 2022

The dojo is the best cybersecurity solution that keeps online privacy secure. The main motive of this scanner is to provide a complete protection suite for connected smart devices within the home. This vulnerability scanner prevents viruses and malware from devices infection and stops cyber-attacks then and there. It does so with the help of behavioral analysis which detects suspicious activity in connected devices. BullGuard Dojo Intelligent IoT Vulnerability Scanner is effective as it efficiently protects the smart home hack.

Before moving ahead with the Dojo Vulnerability scanner, let’s move ahead with the facts about BullGuard.

About BullGuard

The award-winning, smart home cybersecurity company, BullGuard is well-known security software. It is simple to keep everything secured in your digital life whether it is data, Smart Home, or identity. BullGuard extends to PCs, smartphones, Tablets security, and includes Internet security and VPN for higher privacy and protection level. The first IoT Vulnerability scanner DOJO has led the consumer cyber security industry to provide regular updates.

How effective is BullGuard Dojo IoT Vulnerability Scanner?

What does Dojo provide for security?

Dojo provides comprehensive smart home security without interrupting personal data by connecting to a Wi-Fi network. By learning every smart home behavioral activity over a short time period. Dojo checks and detects threats within the Smart home connected devices. It works regularly to identify and mitigate a cyber-attack before it starts.

There is an intricately designed “pebble” that is free to move at the home while the dock will be connected to the router of Wi-Fi. The pebble will alter the smart home user if there is any potential attack whereas the Dojo takes action to secure the network automatically. Dojo proactively warns the users of any cyber threat through the synchronization Smartphone app.

How effective is Dojo Vulnerability Scanner?

Dojo IoT Vulnerability Scanner is a comprehensive solution that is designed for the increasing demands of CSPs. This Intelligent scanner can be implemented and integrated quickly and enhances the revenue streams via the CSP’s existing app through SDK. Apart from this, CSPs can select to manage the service on-demand, or choose cloud deployment that is managed as the Dojo service.

Features Linked with Dojo IoT Vulnerability Scanner

There are a lot of features linked with this Dojo IoT Vulnerability Scanner that is introduced by BullGuard antivirus.

<>Automatic Device Discovery- It scans the Wi-Fi network of the user without installing any other software program or without connecting any devices to the router. It takes the help of a combination of cloud-based and local intelligent detection engines for authentic and fast device discovery. The engines for fast and accurate device discovery. This app provides the user with complete transparency into the Home Network by checking all connected devices on the network. It also provides the users with complete insight into the Wi-Fi network and all of the connected devices.

Network Security Score- Dojo Scanner uses Dojo by cloud-based security risk assessment platform to check vulnerabilities at the device level.

By scanning the entire network, the Dojo Scanner comes with the data of vulnerabilities and thorough score from 10 (best) to 1(worst)

Open platform based on API- Dojo IoT security basicallyis an open platform that is based on API. It also allows the third-party app integration to the detection as well as vulnerability engine.

What’s More?

In addition, Dojo is launching a new standalone “Vulnerability Scanner” Mobile app. This exclusive scanner app is designed to work freely, by providing smart device owners with the overall health and safety of the Wi-Fi networks.

Vulnerability and Risk Assessments: It helps to scan and analyze the vulnerability within smart home network-connected devices that are exposed to the cyber-attacks probably.

External Vulnerability Assessments: It will scan the Wi-Fi network by using the cloud-based platform of Dojo and detects vulnerabilities in the home router and connected devices as well. The app will transmit details about the hacking risks and potential threats from the internet.

Home Network Detection Automatically: The best way to conduct automatic detection of all IoT connected devices in the Home Network. Also, it provides insight into the privacy and security of every connected device.

A summary of BullGuard Dojo: The Wrap-Up

BullGuard introduces Dojo is an award-winning intelligent cyber security system and service which provides the highest protection level across all of the connected devices as well as smart homes. Dojo vulnerability scanner is ideal for the smart home and it ensures that the connected consumer world is smart, safe, and secured.