How effective is BullGuard Internet Security 2022 against online scams?

•29, December 2021

Internet security is the first thing one should maintain while shopping online or paying digitally. There are a lot of prevention tips that people already are following. But are they effective enough? Of course not, because malware and online scams have become smarter than you. Yes, you even don’t know where they are coming from but, BullGuard knows very well.

BullGuard Internet Security is designed specifically by keeping cyber crimes and online scams in mind. In short, you can say that BullGuard Internet Security 2022 is effective against advanced online scams.

How effective is BullGuard Internet Security 2022 against online scams?

Social Media Protection – BullGuard Premium Protection monitors the Facebook profiles of kids. It will flag all of the possible threats to the children’s security. And alert you every time they found inapt content. This feature will check the keywords and if they find any inapt content, it will flag up. It will ensure that you are tuned into the kids’ activity. Also, it flags when they receive inapt messages which allow you to secure them.

A highly strong Firewall will keep the intruders out of your device. The first security layer will keep your PC completely protected from identity thieves and hackers. It secures you against network attacks and cyber crooks from entering the system and a few of them are as follows.

Secure Browser: BullGuard Internet Security and Premium Protection

Secure Browsing is an essential new security layer and this secure browser has become one of the best features. It secures you from vulnerable and malicious browser extensions.

For instance- eight browser extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome were collecting the personal data from four million people. The data has medical records, travel information. Credit card details, online shopping, GPS locations, and file attachments.

It also secures against common attack methods that are increasing day by day specifically at browsers. Such attacks monitor browser activity and redirect data and interrupt browser data. This feature will filter malicious content and recognize phishing websites to keep you secure.

And of course, the browser also has the feature which you expect like address bar hints, keyboard shortcuts, web page tabs, and many others.

Powerful Identity Protection

Premium protection always does its best in securing the personal data of the users. Not only this, now it has become more powerful and it starts monitoring more websites than ever before. It includes thousands of dark web platforms and sites where most of the hackers and identity thieves exchange data illegally.

The main motive of BullGuard is to look forward to the new threats to ensure that customers use cutting-edge security. This is the reason that they are growing deeper into the digital darkness for precious data security. Whether it is telephone numbers, email IDs, debit/credit card, bank account details, passport details, or driving license.

Vulnerability Scanner

People commonly ignore the update pop-ups for various reasons. Might be they are busy or they don’t want to perform any update. But it is very important to use the latest version of the operating system to ensure powerful security. This is because an old system is more vulnerable for attackers to get into the devices. BullGuard Vulnerability scanner will control all dangerous behavior and warns you about unsafe drivers and Wi-Fi networks.

Home Network Scanner

Home Network Scanner is the most powerful Premium feature that prevents un-trusted network access. The antivirus tracks all devices which are connected to the specific network in real-time for recognizing any unusual activity. You can recover the relevant details about all devices which are connected to this network.

This feature of BullGuard makes it simple to find vulnerabilities in the smart devices which are connected to the Home network. There are a few noticeable features that come with it-

• It checks the Home Network and creates a list of all connected devices
• Effectively scans particular network ports on those devices and find the ports which are open and close
• If any open ports it detects which is potentially broken then, the user will get an alert. In that alert, it is recommendable to close such ports and patch the holes.

These are a few features and security tools that come with BullGuard Internet Security 2022. You can enable it to get comprehensive security against viruses, threats, and malware. These bugs are dangerous and harm your device at a high level.