How many devices does BullGuard Security protect?

• 26, June 2021

BullGuard Antivirus provides comprehensive security thanks to the constant cycle of industry-leading innovation. This multi-award-winning and triple-layered anti-malware security is just the start. A custom-built secure browser provides top-security and tough security when making online payments and shopping online.

Advanced machine learning helps to detect and quickly neutralizes advanced threats. BullGuard Security software provides excellent protection and it safeguards up to six devices altogether on all major operating systems. Total Internet Privacy is just a click away. There are six devices that BullGuard security protects and it is never been simpler to have comprehensive online security and total internet security.

How many devices does BullGuard Security protect?

BullGuard Security Protection

BullGuard antivirus has all those features which protect your device against viruses, malware, and threats. It works fantastically to protect all six devices using security features which are as follow-

Secure Browser

A custom-built secure browser that allows a safe and secure way to browse the Internet and a much safer platform from which to make online payments. The layered protection keeps you safe and secure from a vast range of well-known and dangerously damaging browser-based attacks. It doesn’t load cookies, extensions, and plug-ins yet provide the browser functionality which you would expect like address bar hints, shortcuts, suggestions, and more.

Advanced Machine Learning

The advanced mathematical algorithms and deep learning methods provide lighting fast threat detection against new, advanced, and emerging threats. Multiple learning layers will check malware properties to check malicious code and follow the learning to the similar code, without knowing virus updates. It ensures that zero-day threats are nullified and identified immediately when they emerge keeping you secure from advanced malware.


This software is designed by BullGuard to detect and remove all unwanted spyware software programs. Spyware is a type of malware that is installed on the PC without the knowledge of the user to gather information about them.

Next-Gen Anti-Malware

This feature is designed by BullGuard as it provides your device intelligent triple layer protection. It recognizes only trusted sites and applications and continually scans code for the anomalies and signatures linked with malware. If BullGuard detects any malware, it will lock down in quarantined and then neutralized before any possible infection can harm your PC.

BullGuard antivirus will prevent applications that might have malware from downloading automatically and checks the applications and drivers which have valid digital signatures. In addition, it cross-references your network protocol against the profiles of ISP and conducts checks on the network encryption.

Automatic updates and upgrades Security updates are applied automatically to ensure you always have the advanced protection to keep you secure against new threats. BullGuard is set to update itself once every 2 hours, without showing any pop-ups and open the BullGuard application and click on the Settings option that is appeared in the upper section of the main window to change the update settings.

New and Upgraded BullGuardFirewall

BullGuard comes with an advanced firewall that provides you added layers of heavy-duty protection against malware as well as intruders. Fully optimized for Windows, it even tracks security updates and it also uses less CPU power so that other applications run smoothly. The enhanced features consist of Application Filtering and provide end-to-end protection before, after, and during the download apps. The Firewall also blocks unauthorized attempts to connect a device to the internet.

New Vulnerability Scanner

Vulnerability Scanner keeps you safe and secure by blocking access points hackers like to exploit. It helps to alert you automatically for missing security updates, or the connection to insecure Wi-Fi networks. It also prevents the applications which could have malware from downloading automatically and checks the apps and drivers which have valid digital signatures. In addition, it cross-references your network protocol against the ISP’s profile and runs checks on the network encryption.

You can call on BullGuard Customer Care UK and get in touch with the technical experts for any assistance. The experts are available all the time and they have knowledge of subscription and activation so they will help you out.