How shall I stop BullGuard from blocking files?

• 12, February 2021

Talking regarding the BullGuard antivirus software one can say that the software has been serving for the purpose of safety and security of the computer and the devices for a very long time. The software is specially designed for the protection of the computer or the devices for a long time from all the different types of malware infections, spyware, Trojans, and viral attacks. Talking in detail regarding the software we can say that the user interface of it is very easy to be understood along with that also the software has many advanced features associated with the setup.

Understanding the features and the technicalities associated with the workings of the BullGuard antivirus software often becomes a problem for the people, so for those people, the best thing to do is to take help and support from the team of trained and certified experts. One of the impressive features associated with the BullGuard antivirus is blocking files, but if the user needs to stop BullGuard from blocking files then in that case the user should follow this guide.

How shall I stop BullGuard from blocking files?

BullGuard blocking files:

The setup of the BullGuard antivirus software comes with the feature that allows easy detection and also smooth blocking of all the unwanted files and all the suspicious folders. Though the feature is very useful but in some cases, the software sometimes ends up blocking the legitimate files and that leaves the person stuck very badly.

So, here in the blog, we will see what can be done if in case the software program ends up blocking any of the legitimate files. In such a case the user will have to check and will have to get the file added to the list of the legitimate files. Once the files will be added to the list the problem of blockage will be fixed and the software will be working fine with the computer or the device that is in concern.

Adding those files to the trusted list in BullGuard Firewall: The user should follow the steps as they have been discussed below:

• The user should open the BullGuard antivirus software on the user interface.
• In the message that appears the user should “enter the file path”
• The copied paths should then be pasted in the domain
• Next, the user should click on “Add”
• Then the user should click “continue.”
• The selected file, folder, or program will then be excluded from the protected shields of BullGuard antivirus.

The user will then be able to get the files removed from the blocked list, and the software will still be working very efficiently with the computer or the device and will be very efficiently protecting it from all the possible dangerous unwanted, elements and threats. If needed then to know more the user should get in touch with the team of trained and certified technicians. The technicians can be reached for the required help at Bullguard customer care service number UK. The technical team can also be asked for the needed help through live chats and also through emails.

Under the guidance of the technical team the user can very easily get all the BullGuard related issues resolved, the issues can be anything related to the process of installation, reinstallation, removal of the software, or the problem can also be related to the process of activation of the software as well. The user can be sure of getting instant as well as the most accurate solutions under the guidance and support from the BullGuard technical team as the team is also well experienced.