How to compare between BullGuard and Kaspersky lab 2021?

• 19, November 2021

There are so many antivirus software programs that are available in the market for the use of people, for the safety and security of the computer there can be nothing better than the use of the software program. BullGuard antivirus is the one software program is the one that is mostly preferred by people, there are various reasons for it and the most common reason is the software program is known among people for more than a decade now and over the years the products coming from BullGuard have never disappointed people.

BullGuard V/S Kaspersky lab

One more thing that is worth noticing is that BullGuard is not the only option that is available there are other brands also that are available for the same purpose of safety and security. This is how the users do get confused very often they are often seen struggling in confusion and comparison between BullGuard and Kaspersky.

How to compare between BullGuard and Kaspersky lab 2021?

So, to clear off this never-ending confusion from the mind of the buyers here we will discuss the comparison between these two and after reading this detailed comparison the users will then be able to easily decide the software program that they really wish to use for the safety of their computers and devices.


If we start comparing the two security software brands on the basis of their cost, then it is BullGuard that comes out as more cost-efficient. However, talking regarding the money-back guarantee we can give it to both as both the brands work on that policy


For any software program, the basic thing to have is the feature of scanning, and we can say very well that both brands have equal scanning features to offer to the users.

The scanning features provided by both BullGuard and Kaspersky Lab 2021:

• Real-Time antivirus
• Manual virus scanning
• USB virus scan
• Scheduled scan
• Registry startup scan
• Auto- virus scanning

So, on the basis of scanning features provided, we can say that both the software program are in equal competition with each other none of them is outnumbering the other one.

But we cannot just stop the comparison here, the software program is not only based on the scanning feature there is more related to it.

Threat Type

Now let us see against which threats both the software programs are capable enough to work against.

Both the programs in the question have been designed in a way that they are good at fighting against spyware, worms, Trojans, Rootkit, phishing, spam, and also email protection. So, if this is what you are looking for then again you can choose any of the two and your work will be done.

There are two protections that are not there in any of the tow and those are Adware protection and chat protection. So, if you need these two features more, then there are other options that you should consider.

Device and OS compatibility

This is another basic requirement that everyone checks before buying an antivirus software program. So, to answer this BullGuard is well compatible with Windows Mac and Android.

Kaspersky on the other hand is not just compatible with Windows, Android as well as Mac but also it is very well compatible with IOS. SO, as it comes to compatibility Kaspersky gets an upper hand over the BullGuard antivirus software program.

Using the software

Talking regarding this we can say that both the software programs are easy to be used the user interface design of both the programs are easy for everyone to understand.

Bonus features

This is also a thing regarding both the software programs that are needed to be discussed. Mainly it is through this comparison that the user will be able to choose a better option out of the two programs we are discussing here.

Bonus Features in BullGuard

• Personal Firewall
• Parental control
• Gamer Mode
• VPN service
• PC or device tune up
• Safe Browser

Bonus features in Kaspersky:

• Personal Firewall
• Parental control
• Gamer Mode
• VPN service
• Safe Browser

After this, it can be said that BullGuard antivirus is above Kaspersky because of the bonus features and also because of the cost. Other than that both the brands are equal with each other. But one more thing that makes BullGuard the choice of the users is that the software program is trusted by many in comparison to Kaspersky. So, yes this way more or less we can say that the BullGuard antivirus program should be provided more preference.


So, yes one should prefer BullGuard antivirus over Kaspersky as per everything that we have discussed above. But still, it is up to the preference of the user what he or she prefers out of the two brands discussed here.