How to fix BullGuard preventing system shutdown?

• 28, July 2021

The world best protection against all types of malware, spyware, Trojans, and viral attacks is BullGuard, the software program that has been in the workings of protecting and preventing the computers and the devices from all the different types of malware, spyware, Trojans, and viral attacks for a long time period now. All this while the software has been known in the market for continuous development and for all the advancements related to the technicalities needed for efficient safety and security of the system.

But also there are chances that due to those technical developments and advancements this easy-to-use software may fall into glitches and errors and due to those errors and glitches, the user may not be able to use the software properly on the system. As a result, Bullguard may prevent system shutdown in some cases, so here in the blog, we will see how the user can get this problem fixed and can further shut down the system without any conflict from BullGuard antivirus.

How to fix BullGuard preventing system shutdown?

In order to fix this issue of BullGuard preventing system shutdown the user should try the solutions given below in a stepwise manner:

Change BullGuard Settings: In order to get changes done in the BullGuard settings the user should follow the given procedure:

• The user should open BullGuard by double-clicking the icon
• On the user interface the user should click on the “settings icon” next the user should click on the “advanced” option
• Further, the user should click and open the general tab in the settings menu and next should click on “main”
• The user should then get the BullGuard protection components checkbox disabled
• After this, the user should close the antivirus Window and should get the system restarted.

If the issue still remains, then the user should try another fix for the issue, which is the user should end the BullGuard task in task manager.

End BullGuard task in task manager: In order to end the task in the task manager the BullGuard user should follow the given steps:

• The user should open task manager on the system by pressing the CTRL+ shift+ ESC keys on the keyboard
• Further in the task manager Window, the user should click on the “processes tab”
• Next, the user should choose processes associated with BullGuard and should there click on the end task button.
• Once all the processes are completed the user should then close the task manager Window and should try to shut down the system.

If still Bullguard troubles the user with the shutdown of the system, then for the fix of the issue the user should get the software removed from the system.

In order to remove BullGuard from the system, the user should follow the steps given below:

• On the computer, the user should click on the start menu given at the bottom left corner of the screen
• In the search field the user should enter “control”
• From the search result, the user should open the control panel and should click on “programs and features”
• The user should then search for BullGuard on the uninstall or change a program screen
• The user should next click on the uninstall button given next to organize
• The user should then confirm the action of removing BullGuard from the computer
• After that, the user should get the computer restarted.

After some time, the user can again install the software on the system, and can thus keep it protected, for more information or for more help the user should go to the team of experts at BullGuard Phone number UK, lines are open for help and support all the time.