How to fix BullGuard Windows 7 not working issue?

• 11, November 2021

BullGuard antivirus has become one of the best choices for Windows users. When it comes to Windows 7 then, nothing can be better than BullGuard for comprehensive security. Sometimes, users get stuck when they get to know that BullGuard has stopped working on Windows 10 OS. If you also are one of them who are troubled with the same then, fix it just by following a few steps.

How to fix BullGuard Windows 7 not working issue?

BullGuard Windows 7 not working issue

Every technical product has some technical glitches too and this is very obvious. But fixing such technical glitches on your own might get you stuck with a serious issue. The same goes for BullGuard issues. You must have knowledge of BullGuard not working on Windows 7 errors and we are here specifically for that. When the issue happens, there must be some reasons behind it. Let’s move ahead with a few possible reasons behind it.

Reasons behind BullGuard not working on Windows 7

• Weak Internet Connectivity
• An old version Windows Operating System
• Existence of third-party security software
• Malware infected Device
• BullGuard Subscription has expired
• Any BullGuard setup file has been damaged or corrupted

Now the question arises of how to rectify this issue because all reasons have different resolutions. Specifically for that, we have mentioned all of the resolutions just below the reasons.

What are the fixings for BullGuard Windows 7 not working issue?

You can fix BullGuard Windows 7 not working issue and for that, all you have to do is to follow a few methods which are mentioned below.

Sol 1- Check Network Connectivity

The very first thing you should do is to check the network connection. BullGuard or any other security software works only if you have a good network connection. You should try to open any other application which runs with a good internet connection. And if you find that the opened app is also not working then, contact your network service provider.

Sol 2- Existence of third-party security software

If you have installed BullGuard and still you have any third-party security software then, you should remove it from your device. Two different security software programs will create conflict and will stop each other to work on your device. If you are sure that you have uninstalled previous security software then, there might be some traces left behind so, use the compatible removal tool (third-party software). Restart your device when you are done and check if the issue is fixed.

Sol 3- An old version Windows 7 Operating System

Windows work continuously to release new features for users’ convenience. This error might happen because of an old Windows 7 OS so, it is recommended to check the system updates. For that, you have to follow a few steps-

• First of all, click on Start Menu
• Search for the Windows update in the search bar
• There you have to choose the Windows Update from the top list of search result
• Click on the Check for Updates option and choose any updates which are found to install

Check if now BullGuard is working properly on Windows 7 and if still it isn’t working then, move ahead with the next method.

Sol 4- Malware infected Device

This is a very big reason and serious too. If your device is infected with malware then, you won’t be able to use any of your app installed on your device. There will be some unusual activity on your device and this is a sign of having malware infection. You should scan your device for such vulnerability and for that-

• Choose the Start icon and type Windows Defender
• Now, press Enter, and from the Scan Options, you have to choose Full
• After that, all you will need to do is to choose Scan Now

It will take a few minutes and then, follow the on-screen prompts to get rid of detected malware (if found)

Sol 5- BullGuard Subscription has expired

BullGuard provides you a free trial of 30 days but after that, you will need to subscribe to the paid version to get powerful and robust security. If BullGuard's subscription has expired then, it will stop working on Windows 7 and other devices as well.

To renew BullGuard subscription, you have to-

• Click on the Products menu option of the official website and click on Buy
• You cannot own two products of the similar in the same account
• When you will be redirected to the new shop page, the price will be counted as per your preference
• After you have customized the order ad per your preference, you should close the Window to move away from the purchases
• You will receive an email with the confirmation of order and a link to invoice

When you are subscribed to the BullGuard then, the issue should be fixed and if not then, the last and final resolution is mentioned below.

Sol 6- Any BullGuard setup file has been damaged or corrupted

If you have tried all of the above-given methods and still the error persists then, the only final option left behind is to reinstall BullGuard. There might be chances that the BullGuard setup file has been damaged or corrupted and hence, it is not able to work on Windows 7. With reinstallation, everything will be fine as all setup files will be new. Reinstall BullGuard on Windows 7 and you will be then able to use it for the device’s security.

Wrap Up-

Keep the reinstallation option at last when you are saturated by following all of the troubleshooting methods. Reinstallation means, you have to start it from the installation and setup to use it on your device again. So, choose your resolution method as per the reasons and enjoy robust protection with BullGuard on Windows 7.