How to fix issues occurring due to Bullguard error code BWS102?

Bullguard antivirus software has been popular for providing safety and security to all the computers and the devices from all different types of advanced malware infection spyware, Trojans and viral attacks, the software has been serving for the same purpose for a very long time now to be precise regarding the time period we can say that the software has been active in the market for a time period of more than a decade. Over, all these years the software has always been very easy for everyone to use as per the easily understandable user interface design of the software.

But antivirus software is not just all regarding the design and the features of its user interface there is always a lot more added to it that further contributes to its normal and effective workings but for getting through all those deeper technicalities of the software one needs to have proper technical knowledge regarding the software setup and its workings but not all the users are so much sound with the techniques and thus they often get stuck with the workings and the Bullguard error code BWS102 is one of the very common technical issues that is faced by most of the Bullguard antivirus users.

So, here in the blog, we will see in detail all the issues occurring due to the display of the given error code on the Bullguard antivirus software also we will see the steps that can be taken for the resolution of those issues. But before getting into that it is important to see the reason for the occurrence of the given error.

How to fix issues occurring due to Bullguard error code BWS102?

The possible reasons for the occurrence of the given errors on Bullguard antivirus software are all given as follows:

• The interruption for the antivirus can be in the security settings of the device.
• The problem can also be because of some problematic configuration of the software.
• Further, the older version of the framework can cause errors in the tool.
• The problem can also be related to all the unwanted data stored in the system or to the junk files.
• The problem can also be the login error in Bullguard.

Now we shall move further and should discuss an easy stepwise resolution for all the possible problems that the user may get to deal with having a display of the error that has been given in the title.

Tool not functioning: If the tool doesn’t function after display of the error code given in the title the user should follow the given steps:

• The subscription of the security tool should not be checked.
• For checking the status of the subscription the user should open the Bullguard account page on the web browser.

Program not opening: If the Bullguard antivirus software program refuses to open then in that case the user should follow the given steps:

• In the system tray, the user should click on the “Bullguard Icon.”
• If the program refuses to open then the user should move to the settings Window.
• From the list of programs that appear on the system the user should choose “Bullguard” and further should click “uninstall.”
• The computer should then be given a restart and the software should be reinstalled.

Unable to open webpage: If the user faces the given issue because of the error code of Bullguard antivirus software given in the title then for resolution should follow the given steps:

• The user needs to open the interface of Bullguard antivirus..
• Then the user should further open the “Settings menu.”
• Further, the user should choose the advanced menu.
• Then under antivirus, the user should move to the safe browsing section there the user should remove the tick from the checkbox beside “show safe results.”

If required then for any further information over this the user should get in touch with the technical team at Bullguard Customer care number UK.