How to protect myself according to BullGuard if my email is hacked?

• 28, August 2021

We all know it very well that hacking is very common these days, and also on one hand where the technology and the features have become so much smart along with that the people into unethical hacking and other such anti-social elements have also become smarter and they have got their own hacks through which they can easily get into the systems of the users.

The favorite way for hackers to get into the systems of people is through email services, it has always been the easiest for people to get the emails and passwords hacked, and that easily gets access to all the information, but for the normal users it is necessary to keep their computer, devices email addresses, passwords and the whole system safe and secure for the protection of all the important data and the vital information, the best source for that is to have a security software program like BullGuard installed on the system. Here we will discuss how according to BullGuard the user can protect hacked email account.

How to protect myself according to BullGuard if my email is hacked?

How to check if your email account has been hacked?

• The user will not be able to sign to the email account as the password would be changed
• Sometimes there will be no change in the password but there will be emails in the sent folder that will not be sent by the authorized sender so the folder should be checked.
• The user should also check for the emails received for a password reset.

Run BullGuard Scan:

In order to get the presence of hacking viruses and other such elements checked, the user should run the BullGuard antivirus scan; there are chances that the scan will detect the malware infection the users will then be able to work on it accordingly.

Change email password:

If in case, the account has been hacked and the user is not able to access the account, then the user is advised to get the password reset done once more, the user will then be able to get the access of the account recovered.

Tell the in contact people:

If in case the email ID of any of the users has been hacked, then, in that case, the user should, first of all, inform all his or her contacts regarding the same thing, as there are chances that the person who has hacked the account may end up sending malware attacks to the people in contact of it and that would be harmful to other systems as well.

Connect with the online services:

In case of a hacked email account, the user should also get connected with online services such as Netflix credit cards and other financial details related account. This will help the people with the safety of finances in case of hacking.

Two-factor authentication:

There should also be two-factor authentication enabled on the email service, that is how the users can provide double security for the accounts, the two-factor authentication is available on all the major email services.

Report the incident:

The user should also put it into the notice of the email service provider; this will further help the email provider to tighten the safety and security of the accounts, and that further reduces the chances of any hacker intruding in the data or the system for that matter.

Switch email account:

If the account has been hacked more than once, then the user should switch to some other email service and should leave the current one, it would be better for the user to get a new email account created.

So, this is all the information related to the hacking of email account that the user should keep in mind in order to keep all the data and the information well protected.