How to recover BullGuard's forgotten username?

• 28, January 2021

BullGuard antivirus works as a subscription-based application then, you’ll be asked for account creation while using the application for the very first time. Creating a BullGuard account as a network connection a 7 days period is available for allowing the users to register the account within 7 days, in case if there is no network connection available. One can easily create an account and that is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. You will only need to start BullGuard and selecting a username and password for that account. The application will completely function when the account is created.

The account registration is essential for the users who don’t have BullGuard installed on that PC previously. If any other BullGuard version has been installed then, you won’t be asked for registering an account. You only need to log in with the already registered account. At the time of account registration, you will need to enter your account credentials. If you have entered the wrong details because you have forgotten your BullGuard login credentials or you have forgotten BullGuard username then, you will need to recover it. The recovery procedure for the same is given below.

You have to go through this password recovery procedure as the Support Team doesn’t have access to your password because data security or privacy laws won’t reset the password.

How to recover BullGuard's forgotten username?

Access the Page of Password Recovery

• First of all, access the Recover Password link appears in the “My Account” website section
• Now, you will need to enter and confirm the email address that is used for your BullGuard account. Enter the words that appeared in the image is essential to prevent malicious applications for password recovery spamming. You will need to type the characters that appeared in the image just like they appeared even with Caps if required.
• After clicking on submit, you will see a confirmation email that comes to alter you that an email will be sent to the email address that is used in the recovery form

Now, check your email inbox again

This email has a link that will allow you to reset the password which you like. BullGuard uses this step to make sure that only the owner of the email account has the capability to reset the password. Even if in case your BullGuard username goes into the wrong hand then in that case, no one but the user of that email account has the ability to reset the password. Click on the hyperlink that appears in the email to reach the password reset form.

Enter entire details in the Password reset form

When you are done with clicking on the hyperlink in the email then, a new browser window will open with the password reset form. Enter the email address which you have already used for the BullGuard account and select a new password for your account. You will need to enter the password two times to make sure that you have entered the correct without any spelling or character mistakes. Click on the submit option when you are finished.

Password Recovery Confirmation

You will after that, see a new window when you press Submit that alerts you that the process has successfully finished.

Now, you are all set with the password recovery procedure and you can call on BullGuard Support Number Care to get reliable assistance regarding the resolution. The teams have experience of BullGuard related issues and errors so they will help you out with just one call.