How to resolve vcruntime140.dll Windows Error?

• 25, March 2021

DLLs are commonly the primary elements to get damaged or corrupted while something isn’t going correct with the Windows system. If vcruntime 140.dll is missing then, there is a chance that you just have installed Windows update and that isn’t installed completely. Or sometimes, this error might occur because of an incorrect installation of a specific program.

Sometimes the only reinstallation works efficiently as resolution and vcruntime140.dll is a Dynamic Link Library file and it works just like executable but it only gets loaded while the software using it.

How to resolve vcruntime140.dll Windows Error?

Method 1 – Run PC Repair Tool

You should try to run PC Repair Tool as it can replace corrupted or missing DLL files with fresh ones, clean and update such data to resolve the issue. A reliable PC repair program helps to replace the dll files and fix the vcruntime 140.dll ERROR ON Windows PC. There are various files that might cause issues for you without knowing about the issue and the system scan can let you know about the missing data or damaged data and also efficiently fix them.

Method 2 – Run the System File Checker Utility

If the DLL file is damaged or corrupted then, the System File Checker might come into use as SFC (System File Checker) is a tool that effectively detects and repairs the corrupted system files.

• Press the Win + X key and choose Command Prompt (Admin)
• Enter sfc/scannow in the prompt’s window and hit the Enter key
• When you press the Enter key then, the SFC scan will start running
• It will possibly take up to half an hour and if the scan reports that it has successfully fixed the corrupt files then close the Prompt and then, restart Windows.

Method 3 – System Infected With Malware

This is a very common fix and you should try to run a malware scan of your PC to get rid of this windows runtime error. Well, there are so many third-party malware scanners but no one can beat the performance of BullGuard antivirus. Run a scan with BullGuard to remove the existing malware as it does a great job in malware removal. This security software provides multi-layer next-generation protection against malware including worms, Trojans, and viruses that might infect your DLL files. You can take help from the BullGuard uk to run a complete scan of your device.