How to stay safe from ransomware using BullGuard?

• 07, July 2021

BullGuard antivirus has become one of the best security software and it will keep your device completely safe and secure. Whether it is to get advanced protection against malware, virus, or ransomware, you have to make sure that you have installed BullGuard antivirus on your device. ransomware is a nasty form of malicious malware that takes over the PC and threatens you with harm by declining you access to all your files.

The ransomware attacker demands a ransom from the victim in return to restore access to your files when the payment is paid. You can stay safe from ransomware using BullGuard and occasionally, the cybercriminals take the money and don’t keep to their promise. We are here with the exact steps through which you can keep your device and maintain privacy against ransomware using BullGuard antivirus.

How to stay safe from ransomware using BullGuard?

Working Procedure of Ransomware

The most common delivery system is phishing spam that is, email attachments concealed as a file are designed to fool the recipients into trusting. If the file is opened the ransomware infects the PC and some other types of ransomware exploit security holes for infecting PCs without any requirement of trick users.

What happens if ransomware has infected your PC?

When ransomware infects a PC, it will encrypt some or all of the files of the users

• The user is presented with the message that explains that their files ate now are now inaccessible and will be decrypted if the victim sends an untraceable Bitcoin payment to the attacker
• Files that cannot be decrypted without a mathematical key that is known only by the attacker
• There are differences in this approach in which the attacker threatens to publicize private data on the hard drive if the victim unless a ransom is paid.

Targets of Ransomware

Attackers target organizations and home users are based on the perceived ‘success’ rates:-

• Laws firms and other organizations with private data might be willing to pay to keep news of a compromise quiet therefore as to not commercially mislead the reputation
• Some organizations are tempting targets as they are more likely to pay a ransom instantly. For instance, hospitals conveniences need quick access often to their files
• Home users are targeted constantly through phishing campaigns as attackers know that people don’t want to lose access to all of their personal data
• Some ransomware spreads instantly, indiscriminately across the internet, exploiting vulnerabilities in the unprotected systems

Ransomware Prevention

• You can install good antivirus software programs such as BullGuard Internet Security. The award-winning triple layer security protects malicious programs such as ransomware as they arrive and also prevents unauthorized apps from conducting in the first place
• Don’t install software program or give it administrative privileges unless you know exactly what it is and what it does
• Keep your OS patched and up-to-date to ensure that you have less vulnerability to exploit • Back up your files, automatically, and frequently. If you are infected with the ransomware then, it means you can lessen the damage and avoid paying the ransom as you have copies of all of your files
• Be alert while clicking on any link that comes with an unknown sender. Also, make sure to visit the known website and if BullGuard is saying that you are opening a suspicious website then, follow the instruction to fix that website.

BullGuard antivirus has the capability to keep you secure and safe from all kinds of viruses, malware programs, and many more. You can stay safe from ransomware using BullGuard antivirus and follow the above-given steps to stay prevented from this. Call on BullGuard Contact Number UK to get in touch with the technical experts for any assistance. The technical experts are experienced are will help you out with possible resolutions.