How to stop BullGuard from blocking files?

BullGuard Antivirus is the best security software when it comes to protection against viruses, malware, and threats to your device. This security software has the capability to scan your device against advanced viruses and if any available then, it detects it and removes it from your device. Also, whenever you download or install a file or an app, “BullGuard Blocking File” and for that, it firstly scans that and then, alerts you if there is any risk while opening or downloading it. You also can run a virus scan by using this security software.

Sometimes, you might get stuck when your file or a trusted website has been blocked by the BullGuard antivirus. The reason behind this issue is that the file or app isn’t safe to open, and hence, BullGuard blocks it. Well, don’t worry, you easily can unlock that file or website. For that, you only have to follow a few steps which are given below.

First of all, make sure that you are unlocking that file which is not safe to open according to BullGuard antivirus. So, open it at your risk as your personal files or data might get compromised. You might disable your BullGuard security software and for that, make sure that will not be able to use it anymore for your device’s protection.

How to stop BullGuard from blocking files?

From here, the ideal course of action to take is to go to the Assistance/Help/Support page of the BullGuard software and it will let you known that you consider the detection a false positive of software and then, click on the “Report False Positive”. The support page welcomes any case number of “False Positives” that it when examines into. They are whitelisted if found genuine. Otherwise, you also should isolate the file for the time so that it doesn’t cause any damage to your device.

If the error still persists then, you can go to your settings and then, click on the “Advanced” that you will find at the top of the right-hand corner and in the left-hand side menu, choose “antivirus” and then, you will see the option of disabling the antivirus protection. Then, you have to restore your file in the Quarantine and go to the Settings and under the Antivirus > Turning and once you see “Skip files/folders and put a check next to it.

In the files/folders, you will see a + icon and locate the file and choose “OK” which will add it to the skipped files list. Now, if you enable the antivirus protection, you shouldn’t face the Quarantine issue again.

Another router, you can take for disabling BullGuard temporarily is to click on the “Settings” in your BullGuard software. On the menu on the left and there will be an option known as ‘real-time antivirus program. Click on it and after that choose ‘off’ and now, go to the firewall section and after that, switch off the firewall and with this BullGuard will be then, disabled now temporarily and you can then, get the antivirus enabled when you need to.

These are few steps through which you can easily disable antivirus software and get access to your file. Call on BullGuard Helpline Service Number UK to get connected with the experts for any help regarding the resolution. The teams are always there to help you they have answers to all your queries related to BullGuard antivirus. They are highly experienced and certified so there are no such errors that cannot be fixed by them. You only have to call them to get instant and reliable support regarding your resolution. One more thing because they are certified technicians so there is no fraud risk so just feel free and reach them for the resolution.