How to stop Bullguard pop-ups?

Bullguard antivirus software keeps away all the unwanted harmful elements away from the system, the software is efficiently working in the field from a long time period of more than 10 years.

The software has shown noticeable technical growth in these 10 years. The software developers have also done a great job with the user-friendly designing of the user interface of the software.

As the software has the pop-ups feature available therefore it saves the user from getting into the complicated, tricky procedures associated with the installation of various extensions however for help or support over these procedures the users can connect with the experts at Bullguard Customer Service Number UK.

But it is also seen that the users do get annoyed with the pop-up feature sometimes, therefore, if you are one such user and you are looking for some resolution to your problem then by following the given steps you can easily stop the Bullguard pop-ups –

• As you open the user interface then go to the firewall section.
• Then in the logs tab from the top right corner of the list select “security log.”
• In that security log that will open you will get to see an IP address. right click on that and then select the option “Ban”
• Further, click “Ban remote IP address”
• See to it that you do not ban your own IP address by mistake.
• Click the profiles tab and then right click “custom security”
• Further, select the option “edit security profile”
• Then a window will appear from that window select “security tab”
• Then click the option “automatically block the intruders for X seconds”
• Then you will get to see a field in that enter a larger numerical

Once you will be done with the above-given procedure completely and in the most accurate manner then you will be free of all those annoying pop-ups.

If you still need more help or information related to your Bullguard antivirus then for that it is advisable that you get connected with the team of trained and certified experts.

You can reach those experts at Bullguard Customer Service Number UK. They can also be asked for help through live chats as well as Emails. The experts are available for the help of Bullguard users all the time.