How to troubleshoot Bullguard blocking secure websites?

Bullguard antivirus software is protecting the computers and also the devices against all types of viral attacks, malware, and spyware and also Trojans for a long time now and it has been doing this task very efficiently. The software is good at identifying the malicious websites and thus it further warns the user whenever anyone tries to access that particular websites, it also comes with a special feature in its settings menu that allows it to identify the dangerous website and to block it then and there.

Thus the entry source of any kind of virus is blocked also Bullguard makes it difficult for other unwanted harmful elements to enter into the computer by this process of blocking the websites.

But sometimes it is seen that due to some technical error or glitch the software starts misbehaving and as a result, it also starts blocking the websites that are safe, trusted, and secure this further makes the life of the users troublesome. But the users need not worry if they find Bullguard blocking secure websites then by applying the process given here, they can easily get the problem resolved.

How to troubleshoot Bullguard blocking secure websites?

In order to get this problem resolved instantly the Bullguard antivirus users should follow the below-given procedure:

• The user should click on the “start” icon on the computer.
• From the list that appears the user should click on “run.”
• By entering CMD the user should open the command window.
• Then in the command window as it opens the user should enter the commands “ipconfig or flush DNS.
• The command window should then be closed.
• Then in the wireless or LAN, the user should click the option “open network and sharing center.”
• There the user should check the Bullguard installation network.
• Once the new window is visible on the computer then the user should open the properties tab and should choose the internet protocol version 4.
• After that, the user should get the DNS settings changed through the properties option of the menu.
• The user should surely exclude the IP address of the host.

The Bullguard antivirus after the successful conduct of the above-given process will not be blocking the secure websites. Other than that if the software troubles the user in any other way then for the resolution to that the user should get in touch with the experts at Bullguard support number UK.