How to use Bullguard internet security?

Antivirus software has nowadays become a very common requirement for all the systems using the internet, as access to the internet also opens the risk of the system getting affected by online risks, also an unprotected system is prone to malware, spyware, Trojans and viral attacks.

Bullguard is one such security software that keeps the systems well protected from all these above-mentioned threats as all these can lead to serious problems like loss of important data and also a lot more. This software is serving in the market from a long time period of more than a decade and over so many years this brand has come up with a lot of advanced and updated versions of this software. As each and every version has some of the other new feature added to its set up, therefore, the users are often seen confused and trapped in basic technical procedures associated with the software.

Here we will particularly focus on how a user can make ultimate use of this software on his or her system.

Installation of Bullguard internet security –

Before starting with the installation ensure that there is no other security software running on the system, then in order to get the installation done follow the below-given steps-

• From the official Bullguard website get the installation file downloaded and saved on your system.
• Then run that installation file on the system.
• You will then see the latest version of the antivirus being downloaded on your system.

Activation of Bullguard internet security – In order to start with the activation process the user should follow the below given steps –

• Open Bullguard ten go to settings
• A further click on “Accounts”
• Then in the rectangular screen enter the license key after that click “submit license key”

Note- All of this is to be done on the activation page that is entering the user name, password and also your license key. Ensure that you keep your license key safe as a user cannot activate any of the Bullguard versions without a license key.

Scanning using Bullguard internet security – In order to start with the scanning process using the software the user should follow the below-given steps-

• Open the main screen
• Click “full scan” if you need to get the scanning of the whole system done.
• Click “custom scan” if you need to get a specific file or folder to be scanned.

After that, the scanning process will get started automatically.

Uninstalling Bullguard internet security- In order to uninstall the software from the system, the user should follow the below-given steps-

• Open the welcome screen there click on “next”
• On the next screen, you will be asked if you need to keep the current Bullguard settings choose as per your need and proceed further.
• Then click “next” you will then get to see a progress bar showing you the uninstalling process.
• Once the uninstalling process will get completed then get your system restarted.
• After that get the system rebooted.

This blog is written with a motive of providing the users with a comprehensive easy to follow guide over the usage of Bullguard internet security.