How to use social networking safely with BullGuard?

• 19, June 2021

The number of cybercriminals in the market is rising rapidly, all these malware infections, spyware Trojans, and viral attacks are actually coded by these types of anti-social elements only and are left into the systems and devices o people with all harmful motives. Through all of these interferences, it becomes easy for these people to steal all the important and confidential data that further helps them with the satisfaction of their own selfish motives.

Sometimes their target is to breach the privacy of a person who is using the system or particular device, for that the best source that they get online is the social media network through Facebook and other such platforms the criminals do get into the systems of the users very easily and that can really be harmful to people at personal as well as professional front. Here in the blog, we will see the process to conduct safe social media networking using BullGuard antivirus software.

How to use social networking safely with BullGuard?

Tricks used by cybercriminals for attacking through platforms like Facebook are as follows:

Clickjacking: The users are attracted to clicking on harmless appearing buttons like “publish”, comments; sometimes the links do contain names of some famous personalities. As soon as the users click on them they are either directed to a malicious website or page or are directed to some advertisement.

Internet worms: These internet worms send attractive messages to people like “are you really in that video “or “you have been filmed” then as soon as the user clicks on that message he or she is immediately directed to a youtube channel or blog spot or the user is directed to a prompt for downloading and installing some video player.

Fake Emails: The users are often sent fake emails regarding lottery winning, in the light of such fake Emails the criminals try to extract the personal information of the user.

Credit Card Scams: The criminals are also seen using various Facebook for advertising fake money-making business plans, and sometimes they are given the greed of purchasing some costly product at a lower price, and this is how the users are attracted towards giving out their credit card details.

Phishing: Through Fake pages and groups on Facebook criminals try to take all the personal details of the users so that getting into their privacy becomes easier.

Scam and spam messages: There are many fake messages that are sent to the users promising them bigger financial benefits and other attractions.

Conducting safe social media networking with BullGuard:

• The users should read all the information given on the Facebook Safety and Security page, where they will get a lot of information regarding keeping the account protected and also if it has been compromised then what measures can be taken.
• The user should have updated BullGuard internet security installed on the system, as that will come with a link scanner and the user will then be able to easily identify fake insecure links and genuine secure links before clicking on any of them.
• Also, one should not be moving around blindly trusting everything on social media, the user should check carefully and closely enough before clicking on anything on platforms like Facebook.

If other than all of this the user feels the need to know more than in that case the user should get in touch with the team of trained and certified experts at BullGuard helpline number UK there is no such issue related to the software program that the technicians may fail to resolve lines are open for the users all the time that is 24*7 so the users can connect with the experts as per own comfort zone.