Is there any way to resolve BullGuard Error 0X6D9?

• 26, February 2021

BullGuard antivirus sometimes gets you stuck because it stops protecting your device against viruses and malware because of any technical glitch. BullGuard antivirus comes with a simple user interface and hence, you can customize your protection settings as your need. You might get stuck with the error 0X6D9 that isn’t simple to fix.

Error code has various reasons but doesn’t get into it because if you have a resolution of any error then, you can fix any error without taking too much time. The same goes with BullGuard Error 0X6D9 as you can fix it just by following a few steps given below.

Is there any way to resolve BullGuard Error 0X6D9?

Troubleshooting steps for BullGuard Error 0X6D9

Fixing 1 – Windows Defender Troubleshooter

• First of all, you will need to run the Windows Defender Troubleshooter
• Running Windows Defender Troubleshooter will help you to scan any issue with the Firewall to fix them

Fixing 2 - Check the Required Services and for that,

• Firstly, press Win + R to open the Run the dialog box
• Type the services.MSC and press Enter to open the Service window
• Search for the Windows Defender Firewall and Base Filtering Engine and make sure that it is running
• Make sure that the Startup type is set to Automatic just by double-clicking on the services to open the Properties window
• Select Automatic and stop the service if it is running to make changes
• Now, check if the error code persists

Fixing 3 – Reset Windows Firewall

• There is a chance that the Firewall configuration is causing the error code. You will need to reset the Windows Firewall

Fixing 4 – Conduct a System Scan

There is a chance that your device is infected with malware and due to it, you are facing this error code. And hence, it is recommended to download a scanner and then, conduct a complete malware scan of your system and immediately remove it if any detected

Fixing 5 – Restore System

If the issue hasn’t been resolved then, it is advisable to conduct a System restore, and then, a system restore will recover the Operating System to a point in the prior version. It can assist you to fix many error codes.

Follow the above-given steps to fix BullGuard Error 0X6D9 immediately. Call on BullGuard Toll free Care to get connected with the technical experts for proper assistance regarding the BullGuard-related resolution.