Keep the phones safe using BullGuard Tips

• 31, August 2021

The mobile phone has become a small wallet in which people prefer to carry a credit card, debit card, bank information, driving license, photos, videos, and some other sensitive and private information on mail. Because of this information and details, your phone requires a good security software program that will keep this information and data safe and secure.

The main issue after losing a phone is that the owner loses access to the digital vault and loses access to everything that has been stored in the Mobile phone like contacts, photos, passwords, and card details as well. BullGuard Mobile Security comes in the market specifically to keep such information and details safe and secure. Apart from the Mobile security tools or features, there are some security tips that are suggested to keep Android devices safe and secure.

Keep the phones safe using BullGuard Tips

Security Tips for Android Phones

We are talking about Android phones because these Smartphones are widely used across the world and hence, one should know the exact safety tips to keep everything safe and secure that is stored in the Mobile Phone.

App Locker

Almost all android apps provide a great locking feature through which one can lock the apps while using an App lock. It is really helpful for things such as banking app and email app as it offers a strong and additional layer of privacy or security. This is why in case if someone gets into the phone, they will never get access to the sensitive data. There is a lot of app locker that is designed specifically to keep your apps completely secured.

Note: Install App Lock only from the trusted source like Play Store and never allow any gift or prize-related message or prompts to stay safe and secure.

Phone Locking Feature

Well, this feature doesn’t need any sort of introduction because as the name suggests, it is a very important part to keep your Mobile secure by locking your phone. Users might have done it already using pattern, pin, or fingerprint. After enabling the Android’s Smart Lock feature, your Mobile will be automatically locked by turning the screen off and then, it requires the password, pattern, or fingerprint to unlock it.

Note: Always use tricky patterns and strong passwords/pins that cannot be guessed by anyone and keep that security remembered all the time.

Use BullGuard Mobile Security

It is not necessary to install BullGuard Mobile Security for comprehensive Mobile security you can install any of the trusted Mobile security programs. As per the reviews and ratings, BullGuard has become one of the topmost demanded Mobile security software across the world. This Mobile security is an effective cloud-based antivirus tool due to which virus updates are applied from the internet automatically so that you always have advanced security. It won’t consume your device’s battery and is free of cost. BullGuard also has the anti-theft feature that will control to track, and locate your data and also wipe the data off your phone as it is stolen or lost.

Note: Install BullGuard Mobile Security from the trusted source one and only Play Store/Google Play.

Password Manager

Passwords play a vital role when it comes to protecting your data from accessing anyone else in case if you lose your phone. Every service or application which you use should be password protected. Because of security purposes, it is recommended to use tough passwords, and hence, remembering them will be a tough task. So, you should use password managers as they will keep your chosen password secured in a vault. Make sure to create a tough master password to access the password manager and there are lots of password manager choices available online and some are free.

Turn Remote Tracking On

Finding a stolen or lost phone is just a dream for some people but with the Remote Tracking of BullGuard Mobile Security, it is damn possible. Yes, remote tracking is a standard feature nowadays and it seems quite strange to see the location of the device pulsing on the map but it is a great technology as one can find their stolen Mobile phone by tracking it on the map. For that, download the Android Device Manager app and then, login to the Google account and you are all set to track your Mobile device remotely.

Avoid Unofficial Apps and Software

Never try to install apps or software from unofficial sources always stays on Google Play Store. Google Play Store has more than a million apps, official, or unofficial. There are a lot of unofficial play stores but these are not trusted at all as per the cyber security researches. BullGuard Mobile Security can be very useful when it comes to keeping devices secure.

Wrap Up-

Install BullGuard Mobile Security and keep your mobile phone completely secured and safe using the anti-theft protection. In addition, there are some more features and tools that will take care of the sensitive data and private things stored in your Mobile phone.