Kids are facing threats: Say no to them using BullGuard

• 04, October 2021

Nowadays, parents are concerned about their kids’ privacy and they should be because children usually take the wrong steps because they are not aware of threats and malware. There are a few threats that the children can get exposed to and then provide recommendations as to the way kids can be secured.

Suggestions for being secured against threats

There are a few things that parents should keep in mind to keep their children secure against fake websites or threats.

Kids are facing threats: Say no to them using BullGuard


Children love to spend their time on social media and the internet for communicating and sharing with their friends. But it is very simple for them to miss the fact that there are hackers and strangers using the online site. it is very important to understand that anything which they are posting online, even privately, could come back further to attack them specific things which the ‘strangers’ have influenced them to share.


People have received and are still getting treatment for internet-based addictions like compulsive online gambling or online gaming. Many of these games are websites are designed to hook the user in and keep them there. Video games start as a pastime but they can start consuming more time as players try to beat top scores and click new levels and get prizes. Before knowing what is going on, the user will lose everything.

Adult Content

Accessing sexually explicit or pornographic content is as simple as a single click. And kids easily can slip upon it online if they are looking for it or not. Kids’ are growing smart and hence, they are forming core values and thoughts. Porn definitely gives a skewed and negative view of their bodies. The exposure that happens accidentally can trigger curiosity and grabs the kids’ attention to YouTube or Google instead of their parents.

Cyber Bullying

Bullying has been never ok but online it is widespread and can have serious consequences. Most of the kids experience it at some point on social media and digital devices which keep the kids connected 24x7. Kids usually get in touch not only with friends but also friends of friends either they know them or not. It can be very annoying for kids and for those who are vulnerable it can take them down a path that can lead to harm.

Use BullGuard Parental Control

There are various steps which the parents, carers and the grandparents should take to secure their kids-

Technology development moves so fast and it is easy to get trapped with advanced devices, apps, and platforms. But you also can stay in the loop by interacting with the kids and ask them about the application which they use and the games which they play, show interest and it will come back in the spades.

It is very important to sketch down clear boundaries across the network user and screen time, social media accounts, and device usages. It helps to set limits and reinforces the kids’ security sense to know the boundaries are. Privacy settings are always important to ban the personal details amount which kids are sharing while being online.

Don’t hesitate with the children while discussing the danger level of inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and strangers. Tell them what should be kept private and things that can be shared. Be frank with your kids so that they can share and everything with you.

BullGuard Parental Control keeps kids secured from threat as it is a powerful tool that is used in conjunction with communication and education. This allows the parents to monitor the kids’ activity secretly when they are online. It blocks the websites which are not appropriate and even uses the keywords for creating a filter so that children don’t slip into something which should not be opened accidentally.