Reclaim Your Privacy and Freedom using BullGuard Antivirus

• 02, August 2021

Privacy and security is the prior thing you must have to maintain. But by seeing advanced threats and malware in mind, it is not possible to maintain privacy. Whether you are shopping online or doing any bill payment, you are always being watched by internet hackers. These hackers will keep an eye on your internet activities all the time and as soon as they get a chance they will make you bankrupt by taking control of all your bank details.

Well, if you have strong and powerful security software installed on your device then, you nothing have to worry about these hackers. But you have to make sure that the antivirus is capable of fighting against online threats, cyber-attacks, viruses, and malware. Instead of getting puzzled, just choose BullGuard antivirus for your PC as it has the capability to fight against those unwanted bugs which might get into your privacy. Yes, in short, you can say that you can reclaim your privacy and Freedom using BullGuard Antivirus on your PC.

Reclaim Your Privacy and Freedom using BullGuard Antivirus

Let’s move ahead with the features and security tools that BullGuard antivirus has and these features work effectively to remove unwanted bugs like online threats, malware, and many more. But before that, you should aware of different types of attacks.

Traditional and most stubborn and dangerous attacks

Such types of attacks are called MitM attacks that stand for Man-in-the-middle attacks. These types of attacks can only be prevented by using a VPN service which BullGuard also has.

• MiTM attacks are one of the traditional and old cyber-attacks that are really very dangerous. These attacks actually target the data which leaves your PC by hacking it before it goes to its destination. Just take an example, when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network without any security software.
• But your data also can be vulnerable to MitM attacks and being watched when you browse the internet for online shopping or any online transaction from your home network.
• Hackers can do things such as redirect a browser to a malicious website and steal information like banking information and details.

Villains, Criminals, and Spies

• MiTM, Man-in-the-middle attacks are very common and many of them are unrecognizable unless a bank account is removed or credit card bills show the purchases that the owner never made.
• A gang of fraudsters caught who used MiTM attacks to get into the privacy and intercept payment asks through email. The gang has stolen a lot of money in a million in a very short time. This incident has happened in Europe as they stole €6 million.

A main and major error in baking apps running on the Android and iOS Smartphones opened dozens of baking apps to the MitM attacks.

Now the question arises what one should do to maintain their privacy and freedom by reclaiming it. And this is the answer to this question, BullGuard antivirus. This security software is designed specifically to fight against such unwanted bugs that get into your privacy and freedom of being online.

Web Search Engines

Most of the famous search engines like Google and Bing make the best amounts of money tracking searches of the user. They sell the data so that the advertisers can create how many times their advertisements were seen and target audiences that are based on the viewing history and location as well.

Internet Browsers

BullGuard supports almost all favorite browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari as well if you are using a Mac. But have you ever noticed that three browsers scoop up your data actually and still track your searching online even if you are using ‘incognito’ or ‘private’ search mode?

If you don’t want to have your search history checked consider open-source browser Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Tor for Mac devices.

Firefox as per ratings is a good browser and comes with a wide variety of features which is expected from the browsers. Tor has become top for anonymity and you can be sure that nobody will be able to track the movements though it is a pared-down browser compared to others. But as said its sole purpose is to offer you complete security. And it stops people from getting your physical location that is done through the IP addresses, as it masks the IP address from the snoopers.

Reclaim your privacy and freedom with BullGuard Antivirus

BullGuard antivirus has a VPN service that is ideal for giving security, freedom, and privacy. Let’s move ahead with this feature in detail.

• The secure VPN protects against MitM attacks and it will send the internet traffic through a powerful encrypted VPNB tunnel, and this is why your passwords, as well as confidential data, will stay safe and secure even you are using public or untrusted network connections.
• With this security software feature, your internet security provider only can see encrypted traffic passing to the VPN servers. It cannot decode the data or recognize the websites which you visit, by keeping the browsing history secure.
• You can browse Wi-Fi hotspots very safely and securely from the laptop or Smartphone in the knowledge that you cannot be even tracked, checked, or have your data stolen.
• BullGuard VPN will break down the barriers of the Internet providers and allow you to access any website or content anywhere in the world
• The log user activity or can share data with the third-parties that ensure the internet browsing without any surveillance

These are a few features that are linked with BullGuard antivirus to keep you completely safe and secure against viruses, malware, and online threats that might get into your privacy and security. You should install BullGuard security software now to get complete protection against cyber attackers and threats.