What can I do if BullGuard has slowed my PC performance?

•31, January 2022

BullGuard antivirus is known for having a PC Optimization feature that will enhance the device's performance. And if you find that your device is performing slowly then, it is obvious you will blame BullGuard for that. Well, this is not justified yet that BullGuard has slowed PC Performance, so let’s have a look at the possible resolution.

Before moving ahead with the resolution for slow PC performance, it is important to know if the device is slow just after installing. Yes, some users have reported that their device is performing slowly just after installing BullGuard and some have reported that it is performing slowly even after a long time.

What can I do if BullGuard has slowed my PC performance?

Resolution for BullGuard Slow Down PC Performance- Just After Installation

If you are stuck because BullGuard is behind slow device’s performance just after installation then, the resolutions are-

Check the installation status- You should check if BullGuard has been installed properly. For that, firstly uninstall the app from the taskbar and then, go to the downloaded folder. There you will need to navigate the installation setup file with the .exe name. Now, double-click on the setup files and run the installer. Wait unless the installation is completed and do not interrupt or cut the installation bar as it causes an incomplete installation.

Remove Existing Software- Well this is really something dangerous. If you have installed BullGuard just now and you think that having a previous one will provide more security to your device then, you are wrong. Two different security software programs start conflicting and get you stuck by slowing the PC performance.

Device Space is Running Full- There might be a chance that your device space is running low just after installing BullGuard. Well, in this case, you have to run the Disk Cleanup app. choose the file or folder which you think is useless, and now, restart your device and check if there everything is alright.

Update Operating System- If you are stuck with slow device performance then, there might be a chance that your device OS is running old. Well, this is obvious in such a case to have slower performance. So, go to the System Settings and then, find the Update option. Click on the Install option to make it possible by installing all available updates. Restart your device when prompt.

Give it a Reinstall- If you think that you have conducted all of the steps and still there is an issue with BullGuard then, you should reinstall the application. This is mandatory because there might be a possibility that any of the setup files have been installed and corrupted then and there. So reinstallation will only work.

Resolution for BullGuard Slow down PC Performance- After a long-time of Installation

Check BullGuard Scan Feature- BullGuard basically scans your device automatically from time to time. The scanning procedure will slow the device performance and this is why it is advisable to choose that time to scan your device when you don’t use your PC. Wait unless the scanning procedure is completed and then, restart your device and check if now everything is under control.

BullGuard is running on Old Version- If you are using this security software on the old version then, it will affect the device performance which results in working slowly. In this case, you should check the available update and if there is any available then, install it then and there.

Uninstall and Reinstall BullGuard- If any of the setup files have been damaged or corrupted then, your device will work slowly. In that case, you should uninstall the app from the taskbar and then, click on Uninstall option. After that, follow the same procedure of installation to reinstall it and at last, restart your device and you are all set.

These methods which are mentioned above are very simple to follow but, you have to restart your device even after every method. This is because the restart will allow the device and software application to work properly again.