What can I do to add an exception to BullGuard Firewall?

• 10, November 2021

BullGuard Firewall is designed specifically to keep your device completely secured from online threats and malware. Whether the risk is linked with the Website, Downloaded files or apps, or even folders, the Firewall will effectively take care of them and will block the suspicious content to avoid risk.

What can I do to add an exception to BullGuard Firewall?

How does BullGuard Firewall Program work?

The firewall provides comprehensive security against various types of threats and it also can be modified as per preference to increase and decrease the protection level based on the user’s need. The BullGuard Firewall is unified a part of BullGuard Internet security. This feature provides comprehensive control of the internet connection and allows you to create the firewall settings as you need.

What is BullGuard False Positive?

BullGuard rarely detects false positives and it commonly occurs when the installed or updated programs aren’t signed. In any case, it consumes a maximum of 72 hours to remove a false detect file or URL few hours, but it completely varies on the availability, and BullGuard service does its best to not have any false positive detections. When a document is sent to the isolate, the BullGuard renders it blocked off as and harmless to your PC.

You either can expel the records manually from their hard drive by deleting them and submitting suspicious documents to the Virus lab or move the documents back to the unique area for the “False Positive” recognitions.

Usually, all the suspicious documents are delivered to the quarantine. It is prescribed to send these kinds of documents to the Virus lab by marking the crate before the record and after tapping the Submit option and it is expected to enter the substantial email address.

How to add an exception to BullGuard Firewall?

If BullGuard has found that there is suspicious content in files, websites, or the internet as well, then it will block them. But if you are sure that the blocked content is safe to open then, you can add an exception to BullGuard Firewall, and for that-

• Open the BullGuard Antivirus program and then, click on the Settings option
• Now, you have to “Enter File Path” message will then appear on the screen
• Enter or paste the file path which you want to add and click on Add button
• After that, you have to click on the Continue option
• The added content will be then excluded from the protection shield
• Click on the Finish button when you are done with the settings

How to add Internet to the exception list of BullGuard Firewall?

If BullGuard Firewall has blocked the Internet then, you can add Internet to the exception list, and for that-

• It might happen because of the driver conflict, security program, or the corrupted or OS
• By default, if you are running a new program, BullGuard creates a new rule for a certain software program
• There are some instances when particular settings for an app or device are required and that is because of the behavior
• When you see a prompt saying Network Attack when trying to access the Internet will provide the Host’s IP address to which you have to connect to enable the traffic for it
• After that, right-click on the connection which you need to block the Firewall and after that, select Properties
• Go to the advanced tab and navigate for the Internet Connection Firewall area and choose to Prevent access to this PC from the Internet

Can I unblock a game blocked by BullGuard Firewall?

BullGuard also blocks a particular game if there is some malware embedded in that. But if you think that it is safe to open then, unblock that game at your own risk

• Open the BullGuard Firewall app on the computer
• Locate the Settings section and select Antivirus Option
• Go to the Advanced and choose the Tuning option
• After that, choose the checkbox that is provided next to the Skip folders/files option
• Click on the highlighted folders and files title and click on the (+) icon

This icon will appear in the section which is opened. By doing this action, you will add an exception to that certain game folder.

Wrap Up

The above-given steps will help to unblock something on the BullGuard which are blocked by the Firewall. You can easily unblock those files but it is recommended to cross-check that certain content.