What does BullGuard Antivirus Android Test say?

•14, December 2021

Every antivirus crosses AV-test to ensure reliability and robust protection. BullGuard also is tested by the same and is passed as the best security software program. BullGuard Mobile Security is known as best app that works effectively to provide next-gen security to keep the users protected against a vast range of threats. It provides industry-leading security to keep you protected against damage.

This Mobile Security is simple-to-use and provides perceptive operation and doesn’t affect the battery performance. It also has a BullGuard Mobile Security manager that is basically a web-based platform that provides remote access to the devices. It does so to answer the issues of securing data experienced by Mobile users.

There are a few features that are much capable to fight against unwanted bugs which the expert at BullGuard Antivirus Android Test says.

What does BullGuard Antivirus Android Test say?

Antivirus – Total Protection

Antivirus secures against adware, malware, and trackware as well to keep the phone secure and safe. This feature comes with the cloud-based AV engine that is ultra-fast and has less impact on battery power. It also ensures that the antivirus will update automatically without any issue and interruption. An automatic scan will check the apps as quickly as they are installed and notify users of the malicious or suspicious code.

A full manual scan also can be carried out to provide a summary of recent phone status. There is also something Remote Monitoring feature ideal for the virus events. One can easily avail it for their pc through BullGuard Mobile Security manager.

Antitheft- Wipe, Lock and Locate

Comprehensive Antitheft tools provide concrete security if a device is stolen or lost. The features include remote lock and unlock a device, remote data wipe, and scream function. GPS location to locate a device in the quick area. If somebody tries to change the SIM the device automatically wipes or locks data.

Mobile Backup- On One Tap

A backup module will secure essential data like calendar, contacts information, and SMS details as well. This backup feature provides a secure online drive with a 100GB of storage limit. Users can also transfer data between a Mobile device and PC ensures flawless data synchronization.

Remote Control

Mobile Security Manager is a web-based platform that allows users to manage and monitor their devices remotely. It comes with full control over the device controls and prevents the settings from being changed. It allows settings to be changed by pressing the commands to the device. Just for an instance, users can send antitheft commands and start the BullGuard scan to set up the parental controls remotely.

Antitheft commands will scan with the motive of device cleaning. The management of spam filters whitelist of the blacklist and also set up the parental controls to manage everything remotely.

Parental Control for Secret Monitoring

A best parental control module will secure the kids and parents can secretly monitor their activity. Whether it is SMS messages, pictures, and calls, or view apps that are installed on the device. They also can activate GPS tracking to find a device. All the information is available for review on the web-based security manager.

Spam Blocker: Keep It Out

A call manager tool comes with it and it can be used to block or allow specific numbers. A shortcode will block and halt the spam messages that are commonly sent from 3 to 5 digits phone numbers. The blacklist will allow to adding the phone numbers automatically or manually, from the contact lists or call history.

Have an Overview of BullGuard Mobile Security

The BullGuard of Android app is quite basic, but yes it is more functional than any other thing. It has a virus scanner, parental control module, anti-theft feature, and a file backup facility. These features will allow you to lock, track and wipe out the device remotely. It looks like that the Wi-Fi security feature of the Android version checks the network is password locked.

When it comes to the best anti-malware tools then it will satisfy the most of online security needs. The virus detection rate has been efficient for quite a few years that means it will do the main job well. As of now, you know the benefits of having BullGuard Mobile Security for your Android device. In the AV-test, it has passed with the best security software certificate.