What does BullGuard do against Online Black Market?

• 12, November 2021

Nowadays, the world is growing digitally and this is the reason that online Black marketing has become more dangerous. Black Marketing can be done in various mediums and you don’t even have any idea that you have been trapped. BullGuard is now in the market with a new advent to fight against such fraud marketing.

What is actually Online Black Market?

As the name suggests, the cybercrime or black market is a pool of cybercriminals who seek to make lots of illegal money out of misleading unknown web users. It is made of malicious networks which are already filled with cybercriminals’ communication as they interact between them sometimes. Any cyber-pro with malicious intentions can breach your internet security. But BullGuard protects against Online Black Market with the help of its email scanner, call detection, and firewall products. Let’s discuss their usages as per their needs.

What does BullGuard do against Online Black Market?

How does Online Black Market ruin your privacy?

There is a lot of ways through which Black Market makers ruin everything by trapping the victims. The mediums they commonly use for attacking look very genuine and will convince you for giving your personal details. When you give your personal details or bank information, they will use it for illegal transactions. This will not only make you bankrupt but sometimes it may also create a big issue for you legally as that illegal transaction may indicate that you are somewhere involved in some of the other sorts of illegal activity.

Fraud Calls

This is really the most dangerous and common way of online black marketing. You will get a call that seems to be the bank’s end or insurance and you will be asked to provide money to claim any offer at a very reasonable rate. Sometimes, they will ask for an OTP which will be sent to your Mobile number. When you enter that OTP, everything will get ruined. Also, you will be asked for your card CVV along with the card number and when you provide all details they will use it for a big illegal transaction.

BullGuard Mobile Security will take care of every scam or prank call. You will be notified about the scam calls on your Mobile screen. Tap on the options available on the Mobile screen to block/block and report the scam. Installation of BullGuard Mobile Security is very easy so, install it from Play Store and enjoy a safe experience with your Mobile.

Email Scams

This is also a major way through which hackers get into your PC. Yes, they take the help of email to embed malware into it. The content is usually included in a link that is attached to that email. You will see attractive offers or prizes in that email and you will be asked to click on that link to claim that offer or prize. When you click on that link, your privacy will be ruined and your device will get infected.

With BullGuard Email Scanner, every email will be scanned for such risks and if BullGuard finds even a single suspicious thing, it will notify you to take proper action against it.

Fake Websites

Hackers are growing very fast to become smart enough to trap you with new and advanced techniques. Websites are one of them. Hackers usually design fake websites through which they can get all of your details. Such websites can be requested to access on call. It means you will get a call from the hacker where you will be asked to access that website for claiming your reward or gift. When you enter your details on that website, everything will get ruined.

If you have BullGuard then, such fake websites will be blocked from the Firewall. Yes, BullGuard Firewall is designed to identify websites and if it finds even a single suspicious content, it will add that website to the blacklist and notify you against that.

What does BullGuard suggest to avoid data against the online back market?

To stay prevented against such online Black Market, BullGuard suggests a few security tips which are mentioned below-

• You will be informed about the Internet Security scams and be alert all the time while surfing the web or shopping online or even socializing online.
• If you get unwanted emails or SMS frequently from the bank, phone, Credit Card Company, internet, or any other service provider, it is advisable to confirm by asking your credentials. Immediately contact your bank on-call otherwise you might become a victim of internet security fraud.
• If you get a job offer that looks genuine then, it might be. If you will be asked to use your own account for transactions, as part of the job description, immediately disconnect that call and mark it as spam.
• Get the effective Anti-phishing tool on your PC and BullGuard Internet Security comes with the anti-phishing tool to fight against such scams and fraud.
• Ensure that that website that asks for the credentials should be secured and for that, look at their URLs as they must start with https
• After finishing the online transaction, it is always recommended to delete the cookies and history from the browser. Use a Vulnerability Scanner that is integrated as a topmost feature of BullGuard Internet Security to detect old software on the PC and update it.

It is recommended to install BullGuard Internet Security as you will be completely secured from all types of malware which can infect your PC, steal the data that is stored on that device. It also takes care of the system crashes and detects the reason behind them.

Wrap Up-

BullGuard Internet Security program comes with award-winning antivirus protection that comes with award-winning antivirus protection and other features which help to optimize the PC to run at the full speed.