What does BullGuard PC TuneUp do to enhance PC performance?

•03, January 2022

By seeing this pandemic, work from home has become mandatory. And by keeping this in mind, it has become very necessary to speed-up computer performance. BullGuard PC TuneUp comes with Internet Security and Premium Protection that is an excellent place to initiate and improve the performance. We are here with a few tricks and BullGuard PC TuneUp to enhance PC performance effectively.

The reason behind slow-down PC Performance

Because there are lots of loads on the computer as you have saved attachments, assignments, documents, and emails in it. Also, some important applications are there for office work or meetings. But apart from this necessary stuff, there are some cookies, caches, temporary files are stored on your device which slow down your PC performance. Sometimes, there are so many tabs or programs opened and working in the background due to which PC is performing slowly.

What does BullGuard PC TuneUp do to enhance PC performance?

BullGuard PC Tune-Up

BullGuard PC TuneUp helps to clean up your PC that looks for temporary files and programs leftovers files which might be behind the slow performance. This is also a regular automated service that checks your PC which makes it run faster, efficient, or more reliable.

It also allows the users to fine-tune it in such a way so that you can disable unessential apps which are behind sluggish PC performance when it starts up. Beyond this, there are a few other tricks through which the PC performance will enhance just like PC TuneUp does.

Duty of BullGuard PC Tune-Up

As we already have discussed that, the Tune-Up utility checks the PC for the potential issues which might slow down the device. Whether it is leftover programs, corrupted data, or doesn’t have enough storage in hard disk, it helps to fix them by-

• Allow choosing the apps list which should start at the PC startup. You can block applications manually which you use rarely from the loading at PC startup
• Cleaning the recycle bin, temporary files, and other unnecessary items hence, cleanup memory space is mandatory
• Disable unused services and you easily can schedule scans and fixes yourself

How to use BullGuard PC Tune-Up?

You can use PC Tune-Up and for that, you have to follow a few steps which we are going to discuss below-

• First of all, go to the Dashboard and navigate for PC TuneUp. There you have to Start PC Tune-Up and start the Scan for performance issues
• When the scan is over, BullGuard appears a list with the issues which it has detected. You can choose the issues which you want to fix by BullGuard’s end by marking the box just next to them and clicking on “Fix Selected”

Startup Optimization- This option will show the programs list which is set to start when computer startup. You can disable useless apps to enhance the procedure. If you want to enable these apps again, you can do so from Startup Manager

Last but not least, never forget about the Settings option in the toolbar- It opens the Settings section where you can select the items module should scan. Also, you can set the schedule for constant cleanup on your PC

After this, the computer will now be set for running at the full speed. It is recommended to keep the PC in excellent working order. And immediately download BullGuard and Tune-Up the PC

• Remove Programs You Don’t Use
• Programs that you don’t use can take up a lot of space that can slow the PC down.
• Navigate “Add or remove programs” option in Windows 10

In each case, you will have the list of programs and the space they are using. All you have to do is to scroll down the list and choose the programs which you don’t use. To remove them, you have to click on the Uninstall option.

Defrag the Hard Drive

The more a PC is used the more data will be stored on the hard drive. This data is stored in random places on the drive. As a result, it takes longer to read when Windows searches for details. By defragmenting the data, gaps between data packets will remove and the data will be moved closer to the center of the disc to make it simple and quick to access.

• In Windows 8 and 10- the PC will defrag itself every week because of the scheduled task “Optimize Drives”

You will see immediate changes after defragmenting the hard disk. Make sure to run a BullGuard scan from time to time to ensure that your PC is free from unwanted bugs.