What does the BullGuard network scanner do for device security?

• 09, June 2021

Nowadays, computers, Smartphones, and tablets are very much vulnerable to malicious malware that enters through apps or from the internet. Free apps can be a cover for viruses and spyware. To keep your devices secured, make sure that you have good antivirus protection like BullGuard. This security software is highly recommended in the market because it has won a lot of awards and also protects PCs, Android, and Macs as well.

BullGuard Premium Protection comes with a Home Network Scanner that is designed to protect smart devices. It helps to scan the home network constantly and every device that includes thermostats, smart speakers, and baby monitors. When the device gets connected to the network, BullGuard Home Network Scanner starts performing a deep scan and checks the device status.

What does the BullGuard network scanner do for device security?

BullGuard Home Network Scanner

An ideal way for mobile devices is to download apps from the official stores like Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The risk of downloading apps from other sources is that the applications could be quite booby-trapped with the string malware as they don’t go via the same calculation procedure as official stores.

Working procedure of ports

Almost all PC has multiple ports. For example, when you open your email, a port will open via which new emails will be downloaded by connecting to the email server.

Some ports on a PC are opened by default and make them an easy target for hackers. These ports are opened and more appropriately the application which is using the port is listening and hence, the application can accept the data.

If there is no application is there to listen on a port, then incoming bunches to that port will be rejected simply by the operating system of your PC.

Probes of Port Scan

When an attacker probes into a system with the port scan attach, every port will react one of the three ways which are mentioned below:

• It will start responding as “open” and alert the hacker that there is a device is on the other end
• It will not be able to respond at all
• A closed port will start responding as well but it will refuse an access request
• An opened port means that there is something that is listening on that port and an attacker can interact with whatever is running on that port which is a possible way for the hackers to attack.

Home Network Scanner

The Home Network Scanner makes it simple to find the vulnerabilities in the smart devices which are connected to the home network

• It helps to check the home network and makes a list of all connected devices
• It scans specific network ports on those devices and also finds the ports which are opened and which are closed
• If it monitors that there are some devices that have open ports which can be potentially exploited, the user is notified and asked to close ports and patching the hole

Of course, there is no need to buy BullGuard Premium Protection to keep your home network safe and secure. If you are adding the IoT devices to the network, whether the smart speakers, baby monitors, and security systems, and many more, the additional security level is designed specifically for the smart devices and certainly one that is worth considering.

These are the exact features and working procedures of BullGuard Home Scanner and one can get in touch with the experts at BullGuard Helpline UK to know more about this feature. The technicians are always there to help you out with possible resolutions. They have experience of dealing with BullGuard-related issues and hence, they will help you out.