What is the BullGuard Cyber Security Advice for the Elderly?

• 24, August 2021

Most people are used to downloading content, uploading videos, and photos while moving around online. But spare a thought what if the elderly people’s device gets hacked because they have come to computing as something new. Simple things can be quite confusing and puzzling when it comes to understanding the logic of the applications, computers, social media, and many more, they can be just like a new language for the kids.

Well, if you have BullGuard antivirus installed on your device then, your device will be comprehensively protected. If you have old-age relatives or family or friends that are struggling then, you should move ahead with a few tips that will help them to stay safe and secure while being online. BullGuard suggests security tips for the elderly which we will discuss ahead.

What is the BullGuard Cyber Security Advice for the Elderly?

Cyber Security Advice for the Elderly: BullGuard


Passwords are the must-have for all online accounts because it is the key to lock the door. A strong password should be a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers (12 characters long). You can use it as a phrase to remember it for a long time. Never use so obvious words or phrases like DOB, Bit Year, something that is the same as the username, and many more like this. In case, if you think that this type of password is so tough to remember then, you should consider a password manager which will be really helpful for you.

Two-Factor Authentication/Verification

Apart from using strong passwords, it is very much recommended to add two-factor authentication to the accounts that provide a second protection layer and provide that most of the online accounts like shopping sites, whether email, as well as banks, offer it that it is important to approve it. With the help of two-factor authentication before accessing your account, a code or a password will be sent to your phone that should be entered to validate your ID. This is a simple yet robust way to protect your accounts from the hacker’s reach.

Use Trusted Internet Security Software

With the use of good security software programs, like the multi-award-winning BullGuard Internet Security, your online identity will remain safe and secure all the time. It will provide comprehensive protection to your device from malware, like Ransomware, and helps to protect you against phishing emails, and recognizes the website which helps to keep the malicious code hidden and provides safe browsing.

Email Red Flags to Look For

SMS text messages, phishing emails are the main tools that cybercrooks love to use. You can commonly detect them because they create an urgency sense as an issue with your bank account, something to do with the taxes and parcel being gathered and the invoice or something like the same. You can call the authorized company to ensure if the email is legitimate or not.

Links in Emails

Always throw out if you are in doubt. Never click on the links which are available in the unauthorized email to get access to personal information. The email will ask you to click on the link with the “compelling” reason that will after redirect you through to a fake webpage where the financial information will be asked. Actually, you should delete them because these are scams. Also, the hackers will gain access to the email addresses and can send these scam emails from the things which appear to be reliable people or the organizations.

Social media

Social media platforms are the ideal way to get in touch when you are not able to see people. But you will need to be careful about the post or photos which you are sharing. Never share your Phone Number or address with the public postings and never share other personal details which would help to recognize the location. You always can use the private message services which social media platforms provide to replace personal information with those you trust and you know.

Identity Protection

Identity theft can occur in different ways and the main way to secure your identity is to make sure that your system is safe from any external attacks such as viruses and this is the reason why there is a need for a good security software program.

Although identity data can be also stolen from companies that keep your details and you cannot stop from this happening. But you can keep a keen eye on all your online accounts to ensure that there are no suspicious transactions.

BullGuard Premium Protection is the best way to provide excellent protection to your device. Along with award-winning antimalware security it also provides identity security for the banking and payment card information. If this information is stolen in the hack and keep for sale on the forum of hackers that is commonly what occurs, you receive a quick letter from the BullGuard Premium Protection you to take the essential steps to stay safe and secure.